Do Students Have Favorite NFL Mascots?


Vasan Nomany

Screaming into the camera, sophomore Jakson Combs wears a Broncos jersey, supporting his favorite team.

From the spectators in the stands to the players on the field, there are a variety of things to like about football. Fans have a favorite team, player, or even stadium. Although, do people have a favorite mascot?

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, only 27 of them have mascots. Each mascot has a unique design specific to the team. For example, the Minnesota Vikings have Viktor, a viking-esque mascot with the purple and yellow color scheme of the Vikings. He also wields a hammer with a football for its head. The Indianapolis Colts have Blue, a blue horse that can blow party horns out of his nostrils and air-humps with every chance he gets. The San Francisco 49ers have Sourdough Sam, a jolly-looking miner named after San Francisco’s famous sourdough. 

Blitz, seen standing on the left, poses with two Sea Gals and Amy Scarton, Walter Jones, and Ron Pate in front of a new Amtrak train. (Amtrak Cascades Seahawk train debut / Washington State Department of Transportation / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The list goes on and on, but what about students’ favorite NFL mascots? A die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan since he was little, junior Finley Gay’s favorite mascot is Blitz from the Seahawks.

“Blitz looks really cool. His color scheme is great, and I love his vibe,” Gay said.

The Seahawks have two mascots, Boom and Blitz. Both rock the deep blue and lime green color scheme of the Seahawks. The only difference between the two is that Boom wears shoes and a hat.

“Boom is a great mascot too, but I prefer Blitz more,” Gay said.

Southeast is Denver, Colorado, home to the Denver Nuggets and the Denver Broncos. Both teams have mascots. The Nuggets have Rocky the Mountain Lion and the Broncos have Miles. Miles is a white horse with an orange mane who also rocks a Broncos jersey. He also happens to be sophomore Jakson Combs’s favorite NFL mascot.

A Labrador and mascot of the Cleveland Browns, Chomps points at the camera with a permanent smile on his face. (Chomps/Erik Drost/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

“Miles is my favorite mascot partly because he’s my favorite team’s mascot,” Combs said. “He also makes a lot of social media appearances, and he’s funny. At games, he throws pies at people, kind of like Benny the Bull throwing popcorn.”

Speaking of Benny the Bull, he is based in Chicago. Chicago houses two well-known teams, the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Bears. Junior Jake Fincher’s favorite NFL mascot comes from the Chicago Bears. Staley Da Bear is a brown grizzly bear that occasionally dresses up for home games and can make special appearances at schools and parties. Staley also has multiple social media platforms he posts on, documenting what happens behind the scenes.

“The main reason Staley is my favorite mascot is definitely that he’s the mascot of the Bears,” Fincher said. “I also like him because he’s a positive influence and represents the team well.”