S.A.F.E. Club Carnation Sale


Jakson Combs

Freshmen Reyna Hernadez and Audrey Graham, who are members of S.A.F.E. Club, helped sell carnations earlier this week.

As a way to include plant life in Logansport High School, the S.A.F.E. Club will be selling carnations for students to purchase for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. During any lunch shift students or staff can purchase a flower, which will be $3 per stem, any day between Feb. 3-10. Students should be prepared to give their valentine’s first and last name as well as their first period teacher since flowers will be delivered on Valentine’s Day by S.A.F.E. Club members to that period. 

Senior Luna Tafolla is excited to see the positive messages spread throughout LHS because of the personalized notes that are an option to be given with the flowers for free. 

“I believe this sale is a way for students to give back to their loved ones while spreading positive messages in the customized letter that comes with each carnation,” Tafolla said.

Students have two days left to purchase carnations. (Jasmine Zimmerman)

Along with the hopes of spreading kindness, this fundraiser will support the purchasing of seeds for their annual May Plant Sale. Science teacher Kathleen Davis explains the importance of this sale. 

We grow the plants from seeds and sell them to the community to encourage gardening,” Davis said. “We use as much of our own compost as possible to grow them too. By starting the plants this way, we can keep the costs lower, which makes this more available to more people in the community.”

Although the flowers will not be grown here at LHS, the club decided to use Sam’s Club as a supplier in order to keep the cost of flowers low. Because this is a new fundraiser, S.A.F.E. Club members are excited to see how it will go. 

“I’m excited to see the success with this carnation sale,” senior Moo Paw said. “Our club hasn’t done a sale like this before, and I believe it is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about S.A.F.E. Club. The carnation sale is something I am more than happy to have the club known for, considering we are all about the environment. Hopefully, the fundraiser will help earn money to start a scholarship fund for future club members and other club activities.