The Importance of Black History Month


Tatianna Jones

Freshmen Kamyah Adams an African-American student here at LHS showing her pride for Black History Month.

Black History Month is a month that celebrates African-American history. This month honors those who once didn’t have justice or freedom for all. Now, people try to come together as a nation and celebrate together. Some may not agree that African-Americans should have freedom or as many rights as we do today, so that’s one of the many reasons we celebrate Black History Month. 

“Being an African-American is something I am very proud of and will never be ashamed of,” freshman Kylah Eastham said. “I think it is important no matter what race you are to celebrate Black History Month to show your respect and honor to many African-American kids and adults from all around the world.’’

Freshmen Kylah Eastham is an ally for her Black community and supports Black History Month.
(Tatianna Jones)

All holidays come to an end but that doesn’t mean the love or support for them ends. Black History Month may just be the month of February but the support never ends for African-American people all around the nation.

 “Black heritage means a lot to me,” Eastham said. “As I said previously, I am proud to be African-American. The meaning behind black heritage is strong due to what our past ancestors faced.’’ 

 Taking part and celebrating Black History Month helps create the image of thinking of each other as a whole with African-American community support. Supporting the community is something freshman Kamyah Adams takes part in.

 “Black History Month is a time to appreciate, understand, and learn about black culture,” Adams said. “It’s time to learn about influential black people. It’s time to understand the black people around you.”

There has always been a form of respect even going far back as our elders.

 “’Show respect to give respect’ is a common quote said by almost all of our elders,” Adams said. “Respect is an important thing to receive and to give. I think everyone should at the very least respect it. You don’t have to celebrate or care but respect it. Black History Month is bringing good attention to the influence black culture has on the world.”