Review: ‘Ginny and Georgia’ and the Unspeakable Truth



Ginny, on the left, played by Antonia Gentry, is being rebellious against her mother, played by Brianne Howey. The show started in 2021, and is still going with the second season just releasing.

After a very suspenseful first “Ginny and Georgia” season, another great season arrived on Netflix on Jan. 4. “Ginny and Georgia” is an American romantic drama-comedy series created by Sarah Lampert.  The show is about Georgia’s life story and how she is settling in. But, as we move throughout the season, we discover that is about how it’s affecting her kids more. Throughout the show, Ginny and the audience learn about Georgia’s past more and more, but no one saw the most recent season finale coming.

The show is mainly about Georgia Miller and her 15-year-old daughter Virginia, or Ginny, Miller.  The story starts with them plus Austin, Ginny’s younger brother, moving to a new small town called Wellsbury to settle down, but it does not take long for them to create waves in the town. Not long after they moved in, they were dealing with boy trouble, friendship drama, insecurities, and battling with mental health, but the next season is so much more.

To start the season, Ginny Miller and Austin Miller have just run off to live with Ginny’s father, Zion. Although they ran off to their dad’s, their mother Georgia is furious but does not want to show her emotions as a mother. They did not last long with their dad. When both kids returned home, their mom pretends to be jolly, but she is still upset with them. They decide to go back to school. When Ginny returns to school, Maxine is still mad and ends up pushing all of her friends away.  Maxine does know that Ginny has just started therapy for her mental health. So, Maxine shuts her out completely not knowing how Ginny felt. Eventually, everyone forgives each other, including Ginny and Georgia. 

“Ginny and Georgia” is a well-thought-out show. It shows many things that people may relate to. Not only do they give more information about what happened when Ginny and Austin left, but they give more detail on what had happened in Georgia’s past.

The audience will never guess what is going to happen next. Georgia is known to have murdered her ex-husband, but the audience finally gets an explanation for why she did it. Ginny never knew what her mom has done to protect her, but when she found out the truth, she is surprised but realized just how much her mother cares for her children. Although Ginny may not have liked what her mother did, she still protects her through everything. After that, it goes downhill. Austin’s dad, Gil, returns from prison, but Austin is told not to tell Georgia. Once he shows up, Georgia is forced to tell the truth. Georgia ends up giving both Ginny and her fiance the truth that she can without hurting them.  

Before the show was released, people were posting the trailer all over social media. Many reminders were set for “Ginny and Georgia” to be released.  The cast of the show has not given any details on if there will be a season three or not, but the show is overall great, and people are already wanting more, especially due to the shocking cliffhanger season two ends on.