Q&A with Ezeriah Bricknell on Swimming


How long have you been swimming?

I’ve personally been swimming since I was seven years old but I’ve been competitively swimming for five years.

What has been your favorite thing about swimming?

My favorite thing about swimming is beating my personal record and watching my friends beat theirs, it’s a great feeling to watch other swimmers succeed.

What has been your favorite memory this season?

My favorite memory this season was at sectional when our 400 free relays got fifth in the finals. The relay was Conner Shannon, Jake Fincher, Scott Logan, and me and it was honestly the greatest feeling ever even though we didn’t win it was a great experience

Was there anything you wish you would’ve done differently?

Honestly, something I wish I’d done differently is approaching races and sets with confidence because before every race and every set, I’m always super nervous but it ends up being not that bad.