LHS Girls Golf Team Wins Sectionals


Courtesy of LHS Golf

(Above) The team poses with their Sectional trophy. Courtesy of LHS Golf

After one of the most successful seasons they’ve had in a while came to an end, the LHS Girls Golf team finally brought the trophy back home, winning sectionals for the first time since 1992.

Junior Reiss Weaver eyes the ball, making sure that when she hits it, the ball gets in the hole. (Halle VanCuren)

“Best season I’ve had under my five-year coaching tenure,” coach Abby Lundy said.

During sectionals, all of the girls scored in the 90s and shot the lowest score that they had all year. Overall, they had the best team personal record in five years (364) and only lost two 9 hole matches.

Despite having a small roster of eight girls this year, the coach and multiple of the players said that the team played very well and kept a positive attitude throughout the season.

“This season was better than past years because we all had the same mindset, to win sectionals, and we all became very close,” junior Myleigh Moon said.

The girls said that they become close together this season, even going on to say that they played as a family.

Sophomore Izabella Corcoran is getting ready to swing and hit the golf ball. (Beth Myers)

“Our team is closer, and we all push each other. This year we all have goals, and we help each other reach them in whatever way we can,” junior Chloe Crook said.

Overall, up until sectionals, the team had placed in third place or above in 13 out of 24 matches. Out of those 13 matches, they won or placed first place in 8 of them. Due to the girls’ hard work, they were able to improve over the season, leading them to bring the sectionals trophy home for girls golf.

“I think we did very good as a team this year. I am so proud of the top five because we all improved so much, and we were always trying to get better,” Moon said.