Taylor Wins Boys February Magpie Athlete of the Month


Jakson Combs

Basketball player junior Jacob Taylor was voted by staff and students for the February Athlete of the Month.

Among the many talented players who took the basketball court this winter, one name stands out, junior Jacob Taylor. The 187 lb. small forward/ power forward junior recorded 16.9 points per game, 4.8 rebounds per game, and shot 44 percent from the field. Taylor led the Berries to an 8-16 record and 1-7 in conference play. 

In recognition of his fantastic achievements, Taylor was awarded the February Magpie Athlete of the Month, having been selected by staff and students.

“I felt like this year was a growth year with a new coach,” Taylor said. “We gained some more wins and the players pulled through as a team. Some highlights would definitely be a win over Lewis Cass and proving we can compete with larger 4A schools.”

Lewis Cass went on to win their sectional on March 6. The Berries lost in the sectional opener against the Marion Giants 57-42, although the Berries were leading 26-19 at the half.

“I felt like as a team we played well against Marion,” Taylor said. “We worked together as a team and it showed, giving them a tough game that lasted up until the last minutes of the game. I played one of my better games of the season and plan on improving from that point.”

Taylor plans on making big improvements during the upcoming offseason.

“During the off-season, I will be playing AAU for EG10 with coach Sean Busick,” Taylor said. “ I will also be working in Indianapolis with my trainer Coach Jamarous McCloud and working on my strength training with Nick Latham. I look forward to next year and an even better season.”