Columbia Elementary Teacher Robin Huffman Recognized for Her Years of Service To Teaching

Teachers make a big impact on students’ lives. It’s important to recognize those teachers that make a difference. Robin Huffman has had a large impact on the students that she has taught at Columbia Elementary

Every teacher has a story about why they became a teacher.

“I have always wanted to challenge myself, and I felt like becoming a special education teacher would be challenging. I can relate to many of my students because school was not my favorite place to be, and school did not come easily for me either. I can bring that into my teaching as an understanding for my students that learning is not going to come easy for them either. Hard work does pay off,” Huffman said.

Columbia Elementary principal Kellie Pearson says Huffman is one of the most caring people she has ever met.

“She is dedicated to helping all students. She is also a great support person to our staff. She is always willing to lend an ear to listen or a helping hand to a colleague. Mrs. Huffman is a leader in our building. She is co-president of our PTO. She supports our staff in how to best serve our students with learning disabilities. Mrs. Huffman is a member of our safety team and our leadership team,” Pearson said.

Being a teacher gives one years of experience and stories. Huffman tells one of her favorite stories about being a teacher.

“A few years ago, my class was really struggling with building a relationship with each other. I went to my principal and asked her if I could split my class into two basketball teams. My assistant was the coach for one team, and I was the coach for the other team. We practiced every Tuesday during school hours. I purchased each student a team shirt as well. We then would have scrimmages. The kids finally were able to work together for a purpose. It was very rewarding and such a life skill,” Huffman said.

Huffman’s instructional assistant Shae Lantz says that she is caring and will always go above and beyond for kids.

“Very organized, never gives up, pushes them to always do their best, cares about the kids even after they leave elementary, and always up to make learning fun. She is always thinking of ways to have the kids enjoy activities. Always helping out other staff members. She will help other kids that she doesn’t even have in her class,” Lantz said.