Q&A with Sophomore Micah Rogers Recapping Dive Season and Athletics


Jennifer Anaya-Serrano

Regional swim qualifier Micah Rogers will also participate in baseball in the spring.

How was your experience at swim regionals?

My experience at regionals was great. Even though I didn’t do as well as I wanted, it was still a really good time.

What was your highlight of the dive season?

The highlight of my dive season was placing third at sectionals. I  completely surprised myself placing that high. It was the best dive meet of my life.

How did you prepare for sectionals and regionals?

I just prepared by focusing in at practice. I really zeroed in on all my dives. My coaches and teammates really helped me prepare.

What were your goals for the season? Did you accomplish them?

My goal for the season was to make it to regionals, and I accomplished it.

Do you do anything with your teammates outside of diving? 

Yes, we would go out to eat together after meets and hang out as a group. The atmosphere we created was amazing. We were always laughing and having fun together.

How did you first get into diving?

I’ve always thought it would be interesting. I grew up watching videos of people doing flips and thought it was really cool.

Are you involved with any other sports or clubs within the sport?

Yes, along with diving, I run cross-country and play baseball. I am also a part of {ep Club at the high school.

What is your favorite sport that you do? Why?

My favorite sport is baseball. I’ve played baseball for 11 years now. I don’t really have a specific reason. I’ve always had a drive to play the sport.

What motivates your the most with your athletics? Explain.

I’ve always had a competitive drive. Playing sports just fulfills that. I always love a challenge. Being a part of a team is one of the best things you can ask for.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your upcoming baseball season?

I’m hoping to be the number one pitcher on JV. I’m also hoping to see some varsity time to pitch.