Choir Department Prepares for Sounds of Spring Concert


Audrey Graham

Tim Cahalan helps the Logansport High School Concert Choir makes their final corrections to their songs before the concert.

With the air finally starting to get warmer and the seasonal restaurants opening up again, spring is on the way. With spring comes the annual Sounds of Spring concert. 

The choir is an important aspect of our school and community. Choir director Tim Cahalan explains why our community should attend the concert. 

Our community should be aware of some very special things that go on in our schools,” Cahalan said. “If we have a particularly strong athletic team, a great football or basketball team for example, our community tends to know about it and come to their games. We believe our choir program is equally special, and hope our community will come out to support it in the same way.”

This will be Tim Cahalan’s last year as choir director, and his wife Susan’s final year as accompanist. In their last year, they have chosen many of their favorite songs for the repertoire. 

“Mrs. Cahalan and I spend lots of time each summer looking at music together, remembering favorite pieces we’ve done in years past, and looking for new ones,” Cahalan said. “This year’s concerts, since it’s our last year, are mostly made up of really nice pieces we’ve done before.”

This concert is going to be full of soloists singing songs of joy and melancholy. Cahalan said that they are using several soloists at this concert, much more than they usually do. 

“We have lots of fine singers, so it’s nice that our audience will get to hear some of them individually,” Cahalan said. “One highlight of the concert will be our combined LHS and LJHS choirs singing ‘You Will Be Found’ from the musical, ‘Dear Evan Hansen.’ It will feature a total of nine soloists from the junior high choir, the LHS Concert Choir, and the Swing Choir.”

As the end of the year approaches, the choirs are ready to perform for the Sounds of Spring concert. However, with delays and cancellations, they have had some challenges getting ready. Cahalan doesn’t let that get in the way of a great concert though.

I’m looking forward to another fine concert,” Cahalan said.  “I believe if any of our students or staff would want to attend one of our concerts for the first time, they would really enjoy doing so at this concert. I hope all the choirs are ready to perform. As any teacher could tell you, there have been lots of interruptions this semester, due to testing, snow delays, etc. But, I think we’ll be okay.”