Fake It Till You Make It


Tatianna Jones

Megan Walker staying her true self throughout her days at school.

When people try to fake it til they make it, most think it relates to a  job. In reality, in today’s time, even students have to fake it til they make it just to push through whatever it is that they are doing. Even if it’s just an everyday thing like going to school, going to an after-school event or sports.

“In volleyball, not every practice went the best but I didn’t let that affect my attitude or my ability to play my best so that is when the fake it till you make it came into effect,” Freshmen Mayla Williams said.

Not only is Mayla Williams an LHS student, she also plays for the Logansport High school volleyball team (Tatianna Jones)

 When some people hear fake it till you make it, they may think that means hiding all emotions and how you feel but in reality, it just knows when to express your feelings and not every moment is appropriate.

 “I feel as a cheerleader that its important to keep what your feeling during a game inside and put on a brave face for the student section and other spectators and after the game it is important to let those things go,” freshman Athziry Antunez said.

Faking your confidence can be a hard thing to do to get through your game as an athlete but some find it not as hard to do.

“I’m not always game ready mentally but I may be physically so that’s when I go onto the court making myself believe I can do this and that I’m capable of playing the basketball game with confidence even if I have to fake it just to calm down the pregame nerves,” freshman Megan Walker said.

Being a young athlete comes with many challenges once you reach High school and lacking confidence can be the biggest one so as long as you believe you have the confidence and fake it till you make it you can almost get through anything.

‘I think I will always use this kind of method during sports just because I have always done this and it became a habit for me to do,” Walker said. “I think there are a lot of different ways to fake it till you make it techniques and I think aid.”