Q&A With Rylee Zimmerman on Attending Regionals for Gymnastics


Courtesy of Kelly Platt

Freshman Rylee Zimmerman competing her bar routine to be a base score at state.

How long have you been doing gymnastics?

I have been doing gymnastics for 10 years.

Is being on the high school gymnastics team something you’ve wanted to do?

I never thought I would be on the high school gymnastics team because it’s something I never planned or thought about until I quit club gymnastics. Then, I got into 8th grade, and I decided to do it.

What were your goals for the season when you started?

My goals were to get some of my skills back, qualify for regionals, and maybe win one meet. Overall, just get back out there competing.

Did you have some kind of doubt about advancing past sectionals?

Yes, I did not think I would advance past sectionals because I had my worst meet of the season.

What was your reaction once you made it to regionals?

I was excited but a little sad because I could have done better.

What event did you go to regionals for?

 I went to regionals on bars.

Were you satisfied with your routine at regionals why or why not?

Yes, I was very happy with my regional bar routine. I got my highest score of the season. Although, I could still find ways to critique my own routine.

What event would you rather have done at regionals and why?

I was super happy I got to do bars. That probably would have to be my number one pick, but if I could pick another event, it would be beam.

Did you make it to state?

No, I did not officially make it to state. The top six advance to state, and I placed seventh. But, I did get the opportunity to be at state by being the base scorer.

Are you going to train for next year to try and make it to all four events to regionals?

Yes, I plan on training to make it on all four events to regionals and hopefully to state.