Russia vs. Ukraine


Courtesy of and The Washington Post

A map of Russia and Ukraine. The two countries are fairly close to one another, making things awfully tense between them.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been escalating for decades, with Russia trying, again and again, to take over Ukraine in hopes of expanding the largest of the country’s borders.

The threats from Russia on Ukraine have been going on since 1919, which is long before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Even though they were both in the Soviet Union, Russia still wanted to expand its forces and gain extra land. Russia has attempted invasions and has even launched a few on multiple occasions in the past. However, they have been stopped each time by either themselves or various other countries.

“It is very unsettling Russia is moving more than 100,000 troops at the border. American soldiers are arriving to the conflict as well as Britain and Canada,” sophomore Adam Corn said.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia. He has been in power for nearly 18 years, split into two 2-term periods. (Courtesy of

Other countries are getting involved in the conflict such as the United States and Great Britain. The United States informed Russia that action will be taken if they continue the invasion, and they have even given supplies and sent troops to Ukraine in case of any sudden invasion. Britain has been training the Ukraine military since 2015 as well as saying that they will give Ukraine arms backing in case of an invasion by Russia. These things and many more occasions of backing on Ukraine have led the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to tell Russia that an invasion of them might cause WWIII.

This concerning conflict could turn into a disaster if it escalates. This could lead to multiple types of war with some variations being more physical like WWII or the Vietnam War. Other scenarios point toward a mostly cyberwar trying to out advance the other technologically.

“With the understanding that it’s impossible to predict the future, I believe that future conflicts may occur via cyberattacks. These possible attacks may focus on economics rather than the loss of life,” Business/ Entrepreneurship teacher Matt Lange said.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. The 6th president of Ukraine, he has been holding his position since May 20th, 2019. (Courtesy of

In cases of war, most people would have a hard time figuring out what to do. Although some of that pressure would be lifted if the person lived in such a superpower as Russia because they would have more security in cases of war due to their security. Ukrainians, however, would be most likely awaiting help from their allies and protectors. If the war is able to go across the globe, it may cause certain dangers and make the majority of the public want to hide from the distress.

“If WWIII happened, I would use whatever means necessary to protect myself and my family,” Freshman Bradley Conrad said.

If the conflict does rise as much as larger news sites such as FOX News and CNN claim it may, then the world may change forever. Or this whole thing just might pass over, many people are having a hard time deciding whether they should fear the possibility or just ignore it and be content.

“I personally don’t think that world war three would end the world in any way because of the history of the other world wars. Some parts of the world will be damaged like in other world wars, but in world war three I think it would be more devastating to the economy than the first two world wars,” freshman Kalani Martinez said.