Q&A With Sophomore Andrea Soto About Boys Basketball Managing


Chris Pearcy

Sophomore Andrea Soto poses for picture. Soto managed for the boys basketball team this season.

Who are the other basketball managers?

Chris Renee, Christian Wicker, Brandt Galbreath and Ashlyn Brumnent.

Who do you like to work with?

I like to work with all of them. Chris and Christian are so funny. Before basketball season, I really never talked to them because they’re both seniors. Ashlyn and I work really well together. We have a whole strategy for water bottles. We split them up, and we put them in a corner for each name.

What jobs or roles do basketball managers do?

Usually, we like to split up the jobs. Ashlyn and I usually fill up the water bottles before games and in practices, so we’ll go break the ice and fill them up. It usually takes 5-10 minutes. Chris, Brandt, and Christain usually take out all the stuff. We also do laundry. After every game, we usually start a load.

Do you go to both home and away games, if so which do you prefer?

Yes, I go to both home and away games. I think I prefer home games because I like to see the student section. It’s always fun watching them get all excited, especially when they are close games.

Do you manage both junior varsity and varsity, if so which do you prefer?

Yes, my friend Ashlyn and I do both. I wouldn’t say I prefer one or the other because we have to do the same thing.

What is your favorite part about being a basketball manager?

My favorite part is watching the games. The games are always exciting to watch. You can see their progress. Also, at practices, when we have nothing to do, we usually tell each other jokes, and it’s so fun.

During the games, do you start to get stressed?

A lot of the time it can get a little frustrating because sometimes the water is everywhere, and we don’t know where to put them. For one instance, at one game, the boys left their water bottles in the locker room, and we thought we had everything. So, we were on the bus ready to go. By the time we got there, we realized that we forgot some water bottles. It was pretty stressful.

What’s your relationship like with the guys on the team?

They’re all nice. I don’t talk to many of them, but they’re nice. I’ve become friends with a lot of the boys on JV. They like to make a lot of jokes too.

Would you manage boys basketball again next year?

I’d say yeah I would manage basketball again because it’s pretty fun. My friend and I were talking about how we would probably do it again.

Would you manage any other sports?

Probably in the fall, I would like to manage volleyball because all my friends play it. So, I’d always be around them, but that’s about it because in the spring I play tennis.