Help Wanted: Swing Choir Auditions


Tim Cahalan

At the end of “Sparklejollytwinklejingley,” the Swing Choir moves into position for a kick line.

The month of April has many tryouts and call-outs for next year’s clubs and activities. One of them includes the Swing Choir auditions. The auditions will take place on Wednesday, Apr. 26 at 7:30 a.m. in the choir room and Thursday, Apr. 27 at 7:30 a.m. in the McHale rehearsal room.

The Swing Choir is made up of all grades except freshmen. Choir director Tim Cahalan said that the singing tryouts will be in the choir room on Apr. 26, and the dance tryouts in the McHale rehearsal room on Apr. 27.

I think students should join a swing choir because it’s more than just a choir.

— Jenna Gross

“The singing portion will consist of a short segment of a familiar song chosen by Mr. Cahalan, and for the dance portion, our student choreographers will teach everyone a small dance segment, which will then be done in small groups,” Cahalan said. “To be considered, you must attend both days.”

This year, there are six seniors. One of them, Jenna Gross, explains why students should try out for the Swing Choir and go through the process of auditioning. 

I think students should join a swing choir because it’s more than just a choir,” Gross said. “You meet lifelong friends. It’s ultimately a big family. Students should expect that there will be swing choir kids in the dance room watching you. You should be prepared to smile and just have fun. If you look like you enjoy it, then you’ll stick out.”

Sophomore Andrea Rojas-Rodriguez will be auditioning for Swing Choir.

“Students should audition for swing choir because it challenges you to take the next step for musical performance, such as dancing and stage presence,” Rojas-Rodriguez said. “I want to join the swing choir for the experience of singing and dancing, the fun music, and the best part of all, in my opinion: the sparkly, red, sequins dress.” 

The Swing Choir shimmies with cupcake hands. (Tim Cahalan )

In choir, students may have many fond memories and experiences. Gross tells us about her favorite moment in the Swing Choir. 

“My favorite moments in swing choir are the performances,” Gross said. “It’s nice to dance and sing the songs in front of an audience. I also love the school tours because you’re with your friends all day.”  

Cahalan says that trying to choose one specific moment would be impossible. 

“Among the highlights for me have been our multiple performances at Walt Disney World over the years as well as being able to host and sing with fine college choirs whose members include LHS graduates,” Cahalan said. “At both Disney and with the college choirs we’ve  often been told we are among the best high school vocal groups they’ve worked with.”