Taking Care of Yourself During Testing Month 



Pop-its are popular forms of fidget toys. They might seem childish but they can also distract you from problems.

Summer break is just around the corner. It’s so far yet so close. It’s also one of the most dreadful times for most students. As everything comes to a close, grades will have to be finalized. May is the month when testing occurs, this includes AP exams, finals, and ILearn testing. 

It’s a stressful time that can lead to burnout and meltdowns. That’s why while students are studying, they should also consider learning healthy coping mechanisms or alternatives when taking a break from studying. Remember, studying isn’t everything. Prioritize focusing on what the brain is feeling, or needs compared to academic validation. So here are some of the many ways to manage stressors to overcome stressful situations.

In general, cats are great animals that are constantly used as therapy animals. Their purring can even lower stress. (Dominique Zamora-Arias)

Soothing Activities                                                 Physical Activities

Listening to a Podcast                                         Dancing/Singing

Video Games                                                         Extracurricular Activities

Watch a Movie or TV Show                                 Take a Walk

Listen to Music                                                       Exercise

Read                                                                          Do Yoga

Arts and Crafts                                                       Other Healthy Options

Cook/Bake                                                                Take a Relaxing Bath

Playing with a Pet                                                    Take a Mental Health Day 

Taking Care of Plants                                              Let Yourself Cry

Shopping-Spree                                                        Attend Therapy

Reorganize/Redecorating                                       Talk to a Friend

Play instrument                                                         Go Out with Friends                                          

Create Art                                                                    Journal Your Feelings/Venting

Crochet/Knit/Sew                                                      Self-Care

Clean your Living Area or De-Clutter                     Stimming in Stressful Situations

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help. Sometimes, a hug or a friend is all we need to get through tough times. (Dominique Zamora-Arias)


By having healthy coping strategies, a person will allow their brain to have a healthy, temporary, escape from any stressors in their life. It causes mental development as you gain better emotional regulation, better resiliency, and better self-care. Compared to unhealthy coping skills, which will cause more harm and stress in the long term. It is important to keep a happy and healthy body to yield a happy and healthy mind too.