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Matt Gaumer, Jeremiah Miller, and Julie Gaumer pose for a photo at Millers Ivy Tech graduation. Miller received both an Academic Honors Diploma from Logansport High School and Associates Degree in General Studies from Ivy Tech.

Q&A With English Teacher Julie Gaumer About Her Son Jeremiah Miller’s Graduation

Miaya Smith, Reporter May 26, 2023

How does it feel to have another kid graduating? Since it is the second time around, I am unsure which was most accessible and which was the hardest. I would say there is a mix of nerves and pride for...

What Are Some Tips for Incoming Freshmen?

Sydney Vo, Lily Newell, and Audrey Graham May 26, 2023

A high school is often a scary place for newcomers, and it's hard to get settled in and understand high school. This is a video for those students. Current students give advice to incoming students.

Posters and pictures of artists Taylor Ross enjoys cover her bedroom wall.

Taylor’s Room: Taylor’s Version

Lorelai Wright, Guest Reporter May 26, 2023

Warm air and the sound of faint music play with a window letting in just enough sun to light up the gray walls covered in neatly spaced posters. A soft carpet that matches the white and brown furniture...

This cat, Cheddar, is one of the many cats at the Humane Society that is looking for a forever home.

Terry Tries to Find Feline Friends a Home

Maddison Sell and Dominique Zamora-Arias May 25, 2023

Lisa Terry is the backbone of the Humane Society. From running special events and fundraisers to doing the dirty work of cleaning the litter boxes, she does it all. Before Terry came to the Humane Society...

Junior Charles Zimmerman’s car sitting on the road with the “ECTO 1” Ghostbusters license plate visible.

Hidden Stories in a Student’s Car

Ella Weathers, Guest Reporter May 25, 2023

On a hot day in May, the sunroof is completely open. Every window is down, and gusts of wind rush through the car from every direction. A bag of potato chips sits in the backseat, free for anyone to eat....

Along with teaching Chinese, Chunmei Guan helps run Chinese Club. The club regularly explores Chinese culture like food and dance. She also help create the LHS Multiculural Festival.

Q&A With Chunmei Guan About Bridging the Gap Between American and Chinese Cultures

Bryan Rivera Ramos, Guest Reporter May 24, 2023

What do you like most about Chinese culture? I like the harmonious human relationship in Chinese culture. It is rare to see lawsuits among family members.  Then, I love the various yummy food in Chinese...

Charmaine Renee made a piece with the petals of the first sunflower in their garden.

Charmaine Renee and Their Love for Art

Jordin Cunningham, Guest Reporter May 24, 2023

Charmaine Renee has been teaching art, in one way or another, since they were 17 years old, but this was their first year teaching high school students. Before coming to Logansport, Renee taught at...

LHS Magpie Asks: What Are Your Top Three Songs?

Ared Ruiz and Jakson Combs May 23, 2023

Magpie interviews students of LHS on their top three songs, exploring the musical minds of students who enjoy the wonderful ways of music and having a glimpse of what they listen to on the daily.

Freshman Jorja Woodruffs love of make-up goes back to borrowing her mother and grandmothers make-up.

Q&A With Jorja Woodruff About Makeup and Skincare

Aracyn Good, Guest Reporter May 23, 2023

When did you start loving makeup/skincare? Probably, since I was about three. I remember always stealing my mom's and grandma’s makeup. When did you first learn how to do makeup properly?  I...

Debate is common here at Logansport High School over the history of our mascot and our name. One common thought is, “Why is the mascot a cat and we’re not the Logansport Wildcats?” Unfortunately, the name is also shrouded in mystery and several theories still surround this idea.

A Principal’s Take on the Felix the Cat Story

Payton Mucker, Social Media Editor May 18, 2023

The oldest mascot in all of Indiana, Felix the Cat, is shrouded in a mystery of how he became Logansport High School’s mascot. Several theories surround the idea of our mascot, but how do we know what...

Tips to Prepare for Finals

Tips to Prepare for Finals

Erin Williams, Photographer May 18, 2023

Knitting and Crochet: Not as Similar as you Think

Sydney Vo, Reporter May 16, 2023

Freshman Sydney Vo presents a short presentation on the commonly misconceived difference between knitting and crochet.

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