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Freshmen work in English teacher Julien Gaumers class. Gaumer teaches English 9 and English 9 Honors.

Freshman Expectations Versus Experiences

Chelsee Osburn, Reporter September 23, 2022

When the school year started, a new group of freshmen started high school. Starting at a new school is always hard for a lot of students when it comes to navigation, physically and socially. Some of...

FFA students smile as they get ready for their soil compeition on September 17th. Soil judging is identifying different types of soil. I had a really great time for my first soil competition, Im really looking forward to more in the future, junior Omar Ruiz said.

Stronger Leaders, Stronger Community

Emily Sanchez, Managing Editor September 19, 2022

Recently, the FFA club has been growing stronger and helping the community in a variety of ways. FFA used to stand for Future Farmers of America, but they recently changed it to The National FFA Organization....

Two fish swimming in their tank. They are named Pasquel and Ariel. They are glow fish, and they produce light in the dark. Glow fish come in many different species.

Students And Their Pets

Benjamin Atkinson, Reporter September 19, 2022

Pets are normally adorable animals that a lot of people have, ranging from generic dogs to alligators or tigers. People have shown for thousands of years how much emotional support a pet can give. Dogs...

After the seniors won the contest for who could scream the loudest, they run out  on the basketball court to celebrate. One of the most excited seniors was Atticus Picardo. Picardo and all the other seniors screamed as loud as they could to celebrate Logansport High School.

Students Rally Their School Spirit

Gretchen Prifogle, Photo Editor September 17, 2022

  The week before Homecoming is one of the most exciting times in the school year. It is a time to celebrate the school through football. One way that students celebrate is through a spirit...

The Homecoming game was jam-packed with fans, students, and parents.

The Results Are In

Vasan Nomany, Captions Editor September 14, 2022

Throughout the stadium, all that can be heard is cheering. September 9 was Homecoming night for LHS. Parents and students fill the bleachers watching the game. The game isn't all fans have come for...

2022 graduate Debora Ruiz-Lopez sits at Black Dog Coffee. She is currently in the ASAP program as a freshemn at Ivy Tech Community College.

Catching Up With LHS Graduates

Ared Ruiz, Reporter September 13, 2022

When finishing high school, students each try to achieve one of the three E’s that Logansport High School tries to make sure everyone achieves: enrolled in college, enlisted in the army, or employed...

These are the handprints at Fairview. The high school also does this. However, Fairview started doing this first. This is the Fairview Class of 2018, which is the current sophomore class. Many of the sophomores who went to Fairview might be up there.

Nostalgia from Revisting the Elementary Schools

Jerika Razer, Features Section Editor September 6, 2022

  Elementary school is an important time in people's lives. "LHS Magpie" did a survey asking the student at Logansport High School about their times in elementary school, and most of them talked...

Last years students in the club pose next to their float for the homecoming parade. Last years canadites were Kayla Ortiz and Angel Tomas.

A Fresh New Start with the Spanish Club

Emily Sanchez, Managing Editor September 3, 2022

Spanish Club has been known for doing many things such as cooking traditional Mexican dishes and teaching students the language and culture of Mexico. The Spanish Club is run by Andres Valencia, a Spanish...

Probably the most familiar flower to Logansport-goes are the buckets of pink petunias that can be found everywhere when it’s warm. These flowers can mean many things such as femininity, gentleness, maternal love, and the desire to spend time with another person. But be careful, if you want to tattoo something in honor of Logansport, beware of making it into the petunia buckets. They can also symbolize resentment or anger when tattooed.

Familiar Flowers of Logansport

Jennifer Anaya-Serrano, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor September 1, 2022

Looking over at all the flowers that decorate Logansport’s streets and corners, if you pay close attention there are actually many common sites.

Gracie Kitchell was voted as president of student council, and Kendall Sweet was voted as vice president of student council. They will be in charge of running the meetings, taking votes, and planning events such as the annual blood drive and the semi formal dance.

Starting Off the Year with Student Council

Benjamin Atkinson, Reporter August 31, 2022

During August 19th’s student council meeting. They spent the time deciding amongst themselves who in the class should be elected for various positions. First, the king and queen for homecoming were decided....

 Bonus Pints is filled with unique decorations, ranging from keeping the original tin ceilings, to old window frames turned into artwork by various local artists such as Rayna Kollmar, Rowan Kollmar, Amy Werner, Brett Manning, Sienna Urbina and Molly Dunderman.

Pinball, Pretzels, and Pints (of Root Beer)

Gretchen Prifogle, Photo Editor August 30, 2022

Bonus Pints is a family establishment in Logansport. Bonus Pints opened on July 10th, 2o21, and has been a huge hit since. It's a great place to go with your family to eat dinner, play some arcade...

The Berry Patch is a place where students can relax, run, have a class, or just admire. The first thing you may see is this rock that was established by the class of 1969.

Taking a Stroll Through the Patch

Vasan Nomany, Captions Editor August 30, 2022

Before 1969, the Berry Patch was nothing but 119 acres of forest. One man would decide to change that, he is Dave LaPierre. He taught for 34 years at Logansport High School and served as the director...

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