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LHS juniors Cameron Hunnicutt and Alex Geisler perform during JCTs most recent dinner theatre show, Who Poisoned His Meatball?

Junior Civics: Tales from the Plays and Musicals

Connor Davis, Content Creator May 21, 2024

The Junior Civic Theatre in Logansport was established in 1961.  Their JCT Facebook page defines the organization as “Promoting and encouraging theatrical arts programming for young people in the Logansport...

Voting is a major part of democracy, should teenagers have the right to vote?

Should the Voting Age Be Lowered?

Yoslen Santana, Content Creator May 21, 2024

Voting has seen a lot of changes throughout the years, from only white landowners being able to vote to anyone who is a citizen. But, has the evolution of voting come to a complete stop? According to...

Nicole Ingalls, the director of the Art Club, sits at her desk, surrounded by her students and her own creations.

Ingalls Brings Sense of Community to Art Club

Kailee Lake, Content Creator May 20, 2024

Art Club has been a basic activity within schools for several generations now.  The latest club director, Nicole Ingalls, picked up the role after Amy Werner stepped away. “The connection has also...

Mr. Saylor is the Culinary Arts teacher

Q&A: Todd Saylor Talks About His Culinary Experiences

Leylin Diaz, Content Creator May 20, 2024

What made you interested in cooking? I have always enjoyed playing in the kitchen and trying new things. I think it started with my grandmothers, both of them were wizards in the kitchen and always...

LHS nurses Natalie Garcia and Emilie Edwards pose in their office.

Life as a School Nurse

Lilah Ott, Content Creator May 19, 2024

School nurses are the backbone of the school. They help with injuries from small to big. School nurses began in the early 1900s to help kids with their attendance by making sure they were not sick...

Their bond grew stronger as freshmen Nathan Jackson, Lucus Sherman, and Dakota Duckket continue to enjoy each other company after, havng a productive day in PTECH.

Time Flies By

Zelda Schollaert, Content Creator May 18, 2024

Everyone has made memories here at Logansport High School, both bad and good. This year is almost over. High school can be the biggest part of a teenager's life. Many kids think they are ready for high...

Looking puzzled, Felix the Cat attempts to focus on reading a book. Now that were finally nearing the end of the school year, many students have found themselves have less motivation to do their school work. This is especially the case with many seniors due to it being their final year of high school.

A Severe Case of Senioritis

Sydney Vo, Team Leader May 17, 2024

Do you feel like your motivation has diminished now that it’s your last year of high school? Senior Omar Ruiz: Yeah, for sure. For example, last year I felt like I was a lot more motivated to do my...

Flowers are one of the many kinds of pollen producers in the world. Along with flowers, trees and grass also produce pollen.

A Tiny, Grainy Problem

Vasan Nomany, Team Leader May 16, 2024

Although deer are a common animal and dont get as much hype, they have interesting things about them as well. White tail deer can wag their tail when startled. If they shed their antlers in the spring or summer, it usually means theyre sick. Although deer in Logansport dont really have a reason to run from predators, they can run up to 30 MPH and can jump as high as 10 feet.

Logansport’s Enchanting Spring

Kailee Lake, Content Creator May 15, 2024

Spring has officially arrived. It has created a beautiful site all around the world, including our little town, Logansport. Although we might not have a large selection of plants and animals due to it...

Infographic: Country Series: Cuba

Infographic: Country Series: Cuba

Yoslen Santana, Content Creator May 13, 2024

Supporting breast cancer awareness, Sub Dubs spent the morning walking the River Bluff Trail.

Changing It Up

Reyna Hernandez, Social Media Editor May 10, 2024

What is Sub-Debs? Sub-Debs is a group of juniors and senior girls who do volunteer work together. The club is completely run by the senior officers. What was your goal this year with Sub-Debs?...

Junior Lily Newell with her friends junior Ava Martin, junior Libby Dexter, and junior Claire Bundy after the banquet.

Q&A With New Key Club President Lily Newell

Camila Ortiz, Content Creator May 8, 2024

What is the process for running for President? We try to nominate the officers at the end of the school year for the upcoming school year so that next year we don’t have to do that long process and...

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