News Briefs: Squeal on the Eel Coming to Logansport

This June 18th, Tyson and many sponsors are hosting the Squeal On The Eel event at Riverside Park. There will be a classic car show, hot dog eating contest, and a barbeque competition as well as vendors for food and art, and multiple games to enjoy with family and friends. Some of which are rides on the carousel, face painting, and bouncy houses.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase Logansport and the county. The goal is to put on a festival that the residents of Logansport/Cass County can enjoy and bring in people from around the state. The prize money being offered is going to attract BBQ competition teams to come and compete here from all over. After the BBQ competition, there is going to be a concert in the evening to end the day. The Cass County Visitors Bureau is sponsoring the headlining performance. The hope is that this continues to grow and becomes something Logansport is known for. Right now, it’s a one-day event, but it may grow into a weekend-long festival. Tyson and the City of Logansport have partnered to create this event and fill the gap left when the Iron Horse Festival was discontinued,” McHale PAC manager John Vales said.

New Coffee Shop Scooter’s Opening Up

Construction on the new coffee shop Scooter’s has started on Market Street. The building has walls and a roof, but nothing inside yet. (Gretchen Prifogle)

A new coffee shop will be opening on Market Street. Scooters Coffee currently only has one location in Indiana. This new location will be its second Indiana location in town, but an opening date has yet to be announced. Scooter’s will also have a drive-thru.

Sophomore Gretchen Prifogle loves the energy coffee provides her.

“I like coffee because it gives me a lot of energy that I always need. I spend a lot of time at Black Dog studying and drinking coffee. I think a lot of people will really like to have a coffee shop that they can get really fast. I just hope the new coffee shop has really good coffee. I feel like our town is full of coffee fanatics, so it better be good,” Prifogle said.

Scooter’s will sell a variety of drinks ranging from coffee, teas, and smoothies. They will also sell food like cake bites, burritos, breakfast food, and many more sweets. Be on the lookout for Scooters Coffee.

New Additions to the Swing Choir

Posted here is the list of Swing Choir members for the 2022-2023 school year. Bolded names are one of the few students that made it in. (Gretchen Prifogle)

The list of those who made it into the 2022-2023 swing choir was posted last Friday, April 28. Due to a large number of boys leaving the choir in the next year, choir directors Tim and Susan Cahalan had to deal with the very hard decision of choosing what small amount of girls they could let in along with a large number of boys. Freshman Ava Martin is one of the only girls who made it, so she feels very accomplished.

“The auditions were so nerve-wracking. I was so anxious. I almost felt sick. I think the reason I felt like that was that I had been looking forward to an opportunity to be in swing choir since I was very young, and I knew I’d be upset if I didn’t perform my best. Despite that, I think they went well. The dance tryouts were especially fun. I’m incredibly glad I made it. I auditioned because I love performing on stage, singing, and dancing. I remember watching the swing choir perform in the Landis Elementary School gym and wishing I could be part of a group that cool, and now I am, and I’m so happy,” Martin said.