LHS Side of Instagram

Students have taken Instagram into their own hands. There are many LHS accounts run by anonymous students on Instagram. These include LHS.caughtsleeping, LHS_couples.ships, and loganbadparking. These accounts are primarily based on a joke about LHS.

One account, LHS.coughtsleeping has over four hundred followers.

“I honestly just saw the accounts on TikTok, and I wanted to be the first to make one for Logan, just as a joke. I make sure to take down photos of people if they DM me and say they’re uncomfortable with it,” the owner of LHS.coughtsleeping said.

These accounts are a fun way for students to interact with each other. Sophomore Layla Powell finds these kinds of accounts hilarious, under the right circumstances.

“I think they are funny. It’s all fun and jokes in the end, but I also think they should ask for permission before posting because I know some people take that personally. Other than that, I hope I see one of my friends sleeping in class. It’s hilarious!” Powell said.

These accounts get the school buzzing with conversations. It is a common theme between students that these accounts are funny and an interesting find on Instagram. The owner of LHS.coughsleeping talked about promoting these kinds of accounts.

“Honestly, I don’t think we should because it could potentially result in bullying if someone bad decides to make an account. I’ve seen various of accounts from the junior high that post people and bully them in their posts. I’ve talked with the creator of one of these accounts, and they said they didn’t really care about what anyone thought about the account. I’ve reported their account, and their posts and they just keep reposting it. I eventually just blocked them,” LHS.coughtsleeping said.

Students, like the one that created the Lhs sleeping account, are not doing this to harm students. Freshman Jess Flora likes these accounts to an extent.

“I think they are pretty funny as long as they are not invading someone’s privacy. Appropriate ones like the sleeping ones and ships and other friendly accounts are okay as long as people are comfortable with it.” Flora said.