Quentin Clark’s Undefeated Wrestling Season

The wrestling team’s season has come to an end with many successes with Quentin Clark being the most successful this season. He was undefeatable this year throughout the regular season and sectionals until eventually falling in regionals.

“My most memorable moment was placing first at sectionals. It was my first time in my three years of wrestling, and I still can’t believe how far I’ve come since the start,” senior Quentin Clark said.

With the team getting quarantined throughout the season, it was a bit difficult, but that didn’t stop Clark from putting his all out on the mat.

“Quentin is a great example of why you should stick with something,” Coach Sam Fry said. “Early in his career, he lost almost every match, and it was a challenge for him just to keep from falling down. Then the next year, he became an ok wrestler who won half his matches and showed glimpses of what is capable of. Finally, it all clicked; he became a force to be reckoned with. Pinning anyone he went up against, being ranked the #18 heavyweight in the state by Indiana Mat. He showed why you shouldn’t quit. If you want to succeed in any sport, you can’t expect to be the best right away. But if you work

hard in and out of season, put time in the weight room, and stick with it, then you can turn yourself into a winner.”

Although the team faced many challenges this season it was still a memorable season for not only Clark, but to all.

“Overall, I don’t think any of us expected this season to go the way it did with a large chunk of the team quitting, losing a few coaches, and getting quarantined a few times, but I believe we can all say we were glad to still have one,” Clark said.