A Fresh New Start with the Spanish Club


Andres Valencia

Last year’s students in the club pose next to their float for the homecoming parade. Last year’s canadites were Kayla Ortiz and Angel Tomas.

Spanish Club has been known for doing many things such as cooking traditional Mexican dishes and teaching students the language and culture of Mexico. The Spanish Club is run by Andres Valencia, a Spanish teacher that teaches Spanish 1 and 3, and two new sponsors Shane LeFaure and Raquel Perez Coto. They have many plans for this year and hope that all students will join and be a part of the club.

Andres Valencia has been teaching at LHS since 2018 but has been teaching for nine years. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing his guitar. (Emily Sanchez)

“We’re going to do many activities in and out of school. We’re planning to do the National Fair in Indianapolis, Christmas, Dia de Los Muertos activities, and the Spanish quiz bowl once January hits,” Valencia said. 

It’s easy to sign up and be a part of the Spanish Club. All a student has to do is pay their $5 dues.

“Anyone can come, and everyone is welcome. Definitely, if you are in a Spanish class you should come and hang out. This is for you and all of the other native-speaking students. We are doing something with a purpose and we are here to teach and have fun with everyone,” Valencia said. 

With homecoming coming up, the club decided to hold a vote for the homecoming candidates. The students voted for Maria Mancera and Joseph Argueta. 

“I am extremely grateful that I was chosen for the Spanish Club committee. We’re excited to say that we are trying to get a horse for the parade and have many ideas to make the parade exciting and fun for everyone to enjoy. With the help of everyone in the club, our float will turn out amazing for Wednesday,” senior Maria Mancera said.