Same Dog, Different Owner


Gretchen Prifogle

Black Dog is one of the most popular coffee shops in Logansport. Black Dog offers a relaxing atmosphere to study, hang out with friends, and enjoy a nice coffee.

Walking into Black Dog and smelling the coffee and tea mixing in the air is enough to make someone’s mouth water. However, walking into the back something is missing: Scott Johnson.

Black Dog just released a menu full of fall themed drinks. Using the favorite blends of flavors in Logansport, the new drinks give you that good fall vibe you’ve been waiting for. (Gretchen Prifogle)

“Scott Johnson was ready to retire and move onto new things, so he offered the manager, who has been managing for a year and a half, Marissa Bergstedt if she would be interested in buying it. She said yes to continue on the Legacy,” Owner of Black Dog Marissa Bergstedt said. 

Bergstedt thought it was nerve-racking at first to take over Black Dog, but had several helping hands along the way. 

“Between the employees and customers, they’ve made everything seamless, with hardly any pressure,” Bergstedt said. “It was a lot easier to take over for me since I was already in a manager role and had been working here for two years.” 

Black Dog hosts many events that cater to the community of Logansport. Bergstedt says every community should have a safe and accepting environment, and Black Dog is that place.

With the bringing of a new owner, flowers are set all throughout the establishment due to the owners’ love. Previously being large rocks, she now sets out her grown flowers to display within. (Gretchen Prifogle)

“In my opinion, it is important,” Bergstedt said. “We don’t just brew coffee. We provide an after-school hangout location with Wi-Fi. We have a conference room available for friends to play card games. We provide local artists with a location to sell and share their artwork. We give musicians the opportunity to perform in front of customers to build a fan base.”