Student Council Decides to Delay Dance


Chris Pearcy

Posing in their Homecoming candidate dresses, seniors Cassidy Cuppy, Kendall Sweet, and Finley Hettinger take in the Homecoming football game. Student Council hopes to give them a chance to wear similar dresses at a school dance later this fall.

The dance for Homecoming is one of the most anticipated things for some high schools during the year. At LHS, the reason it was pushed back this year is because of the stress it put on the Student Council members and advisors.

“As student council president, I feel as if the dance being pushed back was the right decision,” student council President Gracie Kitchell said, “There wasn’t much time to plan and with the time that we had, we didn’t want to throw a dance together last minute. This would be the first Homecoming dance in years at LHS, and I want it to be well presented. Now, there are numerous options as to what we could do with the dance such as dress code, music, decorations, time, and date. I hope everyone still decides to come.”

The dance is most likely to occur on a Friday or a Saturday in October or November. There is not a theme set in place yet.  A dance in a high school is often seen as an outlet for students to spend time with friends or significant others.

“A lot of us haven’t been to a dance in so many years,” sophomore Jerika Razer said, “I haven’t been to a dance since probably sixth grade, so it is an exciting thing just to hang out with your friends and dance and just kinda have a party essentially. For teachers, it might be more of a stressful thing if they are chaperoning and not there to have fun. For students, this is something to go there to have fun and to hang out, and so I think people should just be excited because I think it’s the first dance in three or four years probably.”