Helping the Community Via Takis


Elisa Banuelos

The goal of the Diversity Club is to help people in the community.

Diversity Club sells Takis and water during School in order to help other community members in Logansport.

United Day Live Gifts for the United Way of Cass County. (Elisa Banuelos)

“The purpose of the sale of Takis is motivate, cheer, inspire, and with the message each has, hoping that whoever buys has a great day. Most of our sales have the following objectives: help and have funds for any case where there are needed donations for any situation and provide opportunities to members of the club at low cost, support the Salvation Army with gifts for low income and emerging opportunities for members of the club or community. The club has over 100 members this year,” Elisa Banuelos, president of the club said.

The members of the Diversity Club also help at community events.

“The notes that the Takis bring always, make my day to make me happy and thus to continue with the motivation to study,” senior Daniela Nunez said. (Daniela Nunez)

“We help the community in different ways. For example, we translate conferences for parents and teachers of Logansport public schools, as the events of the Program of the Alliance of Service Youth and Community Events for the purpose and support of the center, cleaning Logansport wall lights and events of the Y-Turkey Trot,” Banuelos said.

LHS students decide to volunteer to help ring the bell for the Salvation Army according to Fatima Franco, instructional assistant.

“Members of the Diversity Club also volunteer their time as volunteers to help ring the bell for the Salvation Army and also volunteer at the YMCA Turkey Trot leading runners on the morning of Thanksgiving. Tyson Food brings toys and members of the club, enfolding help. Every year, Tyson holds an event in which toys to give children, and always ask Diversity Club to help them wrap the gifts,” Fatima said.

Residents making space in a nursing home. (Eliza Banuelos)

Freshman Fernanda Avila, a member of Diversity Club, says selling Takis is helping with events and helping the community.

“We are selling Takis to come out for the event of our club and to make it less expensive. Also, members of the club have been donating their time to help at events in Logansport and the community,” Avila said.

Freshman Valeria Cortes says she likes Takis notes.

“I buy Takis because not only is it a great snack, but it also helps the Diversity Club, and the notes attached on them are great. I like Takis because they taste great and aren’t too spicy. I think it gives out a good message and helps people receive it with the Takis. I enjoy how all the Takis have nice notes and are a great snack. Not only can they be for yourself but for people who need something to brighten up their day. The notes attached to them are sure to do that,” Cortes said.

Students in the Logansport community say they like the taste of Takis.

“I like Takis because I like chili and the taste it has. It was also a good cause to help the community and without the support they have,” senior Daniela Nunez said.

LHS students buying Takis. (Rosalinda Marcos)

Juana Gaspar, a freshman, said it is very interesting that buying Takis helps others.

“I like the idea of Takis selling because I like to eat them and because they are very spicy and tasty and also take notes because they make me the best day to continue studying. It is also very interesting that buying the Takis and water are helping others in the community,of Logansport, and other members of the club,” Gaspar said.

LHS student wrapping gifts. (Fatoma Franco)