Day In The Life of Students Vs. Teachers


Jakson Combs

English Teacher, Grace Scott teaches her Early College 10 students how to public speak in front of their peers.

Wake up, get ready, go to school, go home, and repeat. These are the things every student and teacher does every school day.

Students can oversleep or wake up early depending on factors such as whether they are early birds or night owls, and whether they stay up late to finish homework or study for an upcoming test.

Sophomore Jesus Ramirez has a schedule of his own.

Sophomore Jesus Ramirez waiting with friends for the school doors to open. (Courtesy of Jamie Rocha)

“I wake up. Then, stare at the ceiling for like five minutes, get up and change, brush my teeth, wash my face, and walk my dog. Then, I get my stuff ready,” Ramirez said. “I go to the bus 10-20 minutes early, so I can listen and get fresh air,”

Before heading to school, both Ramirez and sophomore Juan Sebastian-Hernandez have pets to care for.

“Before school, I wake up at 6:45 a.m. and walk my dog, Simba, for 15 minutes,” Sebastian-Hernandez said. “Then, I go get ready for school, eat go to breakfast and hang out with my friends.”

After school is the time when every student has something to do. Sophomore Giselle Ruiz has soccer practice right after school

I get to practice at 6. Once I get there, I say hi to my teammates and coaches and sit with my teammates Yailin, Vanessa, Yadira, Emily, and Celeste,” Ruiz said, “I put my gear on. After everyone’s ready, we do our warmups together. These past practices, we’ve been playing Barcelona, and it’s been really fun. We wrap up practice by picking up the equipment, cones from drills. We drink water and take our shin guards and cleats off. We end the night with ‘Logan on 3’.’’

Teachers have it different from students. English teachers April. Beene and Grace Scott have different plans for each day after school. 

“I walk two miles with my walking partner Mr. Reed,” Scott said. “On weekdays, I take my daughter to gymnastics and my son to football. On the weekends, I focus more on my band and around the house,” 

Scott is also a singer who does gigs every now and then. Her band, The Grace Scott Band, has grown since late 2021. 

“Friday, I will be in Monticello. I’ll rush home and get ready after school, arrive at the venue at five to set up, and then play 6-9,” Scott said. “I also rehearse and lead services until 9:30-11 A.M.”

Beene has a two-year-old son who she has to get ready with.

English teacher April Been sits at her computer during third period while her students write in their notebooks. She teaches English 9, English 11 Duel Credit. and English 12 AP Comp.  (Jakson Combs)

“My husband works nights, so it’s just me and my son until I leave,” Beene said. “So, I get ready in 20 minutes, and I usually, watch movies with my son and play with him. After my husband takes him to daycare, I get ready.”

Jessica Kranz, an English teacher, has seen the differences between her students and her fellow teachers but has seen more similarities than differences

“We are all equally exhausted, but students are probably more sane because teachers are dealing with all the craziness all day long,” Kranz said. “But hopefully we are all on this path together of whatever this big crazy world at LHS looks like.”