Q&A with Crochet Creation Entrepreneur Ava Martin

When did you start crocheting and why? Is it hard to learn?

I started crocheting last May because I had found a “How to Crochet” book in my drawer while cleaning my room. I had tried to learn in elementary school, but I found it too difficult and gave up. However, I found it easy to learn when I gave it another try. Getting the basics down was frustrating, but after that, it was smooth sailing. For a complete beginner, it would take a couple of days to learn, so it’s not too difficult.

I hear you’re starting a business with this talent. How do you plan to run it?

It’s less of starting a business and more of charging people when they ask me for things. I started crocheting things for my friends over the summer, and they really liked them. People noticed, and they started asking me to make things for them. I did for a while, but then I realized that I could be making money. To keep track of orders, I take notes on my phone of what people wanted and the specifics of how they want it (size, color, etc.). I plan to charge based on the size of the project because the bigger the project is, the more yarn it uses.

How many creations have you made and what inspires you to do so?

I don’t have an exact number, but I estimate I’ve done around 30 projects. Something that inspires me to do so is how much people appreciate handmade things. I love how happy people get when they see things I’ve made for them.

What’s the range of things you’ve made and why? How many customers have you had?

I honestly don’t have a big range when it comes to different kinds of projects. I frequently make small stuffed animals or objects, but I’ve made a couple of tank tops and a vest, and I’m currently working on a cardigan. Before I started charging, there were about 10 people requesting crocheted things. Since I started charging about 5 days ago, there have been 3.

Do you enjoy this passion and why? How long do you plan to pursue this?

I love doing what I do. I find it so relaxing, and I can use it as a creative outlet. I plan to pursue it as a hobby for as long as I continue to have an interest in it, so I’d assume throughout high school and when I have free time in college. Even if I do drop it during adulthood, I plan to pick it back up after retirement and make things for my grandkids and cats.