Helping the Environment One Step at a Time


Jerika Razer

These bags sit in classrooms to collect paper materials for recycling. The Safe Club came up with the school-wide paper recycling program in order to help the school’s environment. They plan on coming up with more ways to make the school as clean and safe as possible.

Like many clubs, Safe Club is in charge of keeping the school and surrounding areas clean. The advisor of the club is Kathleen Davis, and the class president is senior Moo Paw. The club stands for Student Association For the Environment and has contributed to many projects such as the school-wide paper recycling program. 

“This is my first year running the club solo,” Biology teacher Kathleen Davis said. “The club was actually started by Mrs. Bender and myself before we moved. Mr. and Mrs. Strickling ran it for many years before I returned to LHS.” 

Students can learn many things when attending meetings.

“You can learn about composting, plants, environmental concerns, and how students themselves can impact change,” Davis said. “There are opportunities to be leaders in change for a healthier environment.”

There are many upcoming events for the club such as fundraisers and activities.

“This year’s upcoming events are the highway cleanup day and planet sell fundraiser,” Paw said. “It would be ideal if our harvest this year can give us the confidence to expand the garden. We would also like to organize seasonal activities for our community.” 

Paw also stated that she would like to improve the club even after she graduates. 

I would like to improve our club by recruiting more underclassmen who will continue the club in the future,” Paw said. “I would also like to expand our activities into the community outside of the school. It would be nice to have a partnership with one of the lower grade schools or another organization.”