A Glimpse Into the Drum Major’s Life


Krishanna Shilling

Homecoming night with the senior band students. Drum majors pictured are Lorena Alvarez, Sasia Linden, Brayan Escobedo, and Jadyn Alford.

Jadyn Alford

How many years have you been in band and what instrument do you play?

I have been in band for 7 years. I play the trombone. I am also in jazz band. I was a section leader last year and I am a drum major this year.

What is your favorite thing about being in band?

My favorite thing about being in band is the people you get to meet and the fun we have at basketball and football games. Everyone in the band is like a huge friend circle and we always try to be there for each other. I always have fun at the games with friends and the excitement of it all.

What has band taught you that you can apply in the future?

Band has taught me that I have to listen to others and work with others to make things work. Without cooperation of all teams, it doesn’t work. I have also learned that some people will be there for you while others won’t. It’s important to make good friends and keep the good ones around.

Brayan Escobedo

How many years have you been in band and what instrument do you play?

I’ve been in band for 7 years. I play trumpet, and I’ve been in jazz band, pit band, marching band, and pep band.,and I was a section leader my junior year following the greats and golden generation of Mike Larios and Luke Fincher.

What has influenced you to stay in band all these years?

Learning different types of music, loving music, getting better at my instrument, my long-lasting friendships, and the hope of one day playing in a Mexican band or mariachi has motivated me to stay in band.

What has being a drum major and section leader taught you?

It has taught me how to live laugh love.

Lorena Alvarez

How many years have you been in band and what instrument do you play?

I’ve been in band for 7 years playing the baritone. I did jazz band for 2 years, pitt band 1 year, and winter percussion for 3 years. I was also section leader two years prior to being drum major.

What has band taught you?

Band has taught me patience and persistence, not just with myself but also my classmates. It also taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you keep going and try to fix them. Band has taught me how to be helpful to those around me and to be encouraging.

How do you feel about also being a cheerleader while in band?

Being a cheerleader has pulled me away from band a little, and I don’t really get to play pep band anymore. I do enjoy being able to hear the band and dance along to all the great songs.

Sasia Linden

How many years have you been in band and what instrument do you play?

 I have been involved in band for 7 years now; being in jazz band since 7th grade. I play the trumpet. I have also participated in solo and ensemble for 6 or 7 years. Something also worth noting is that I played in the winter Percussion group this year. I played marimba 3. I have been a section leader for 2 years and drum major my senior year.

What are some of the biggest things you’ve learned from being in band?

I have learned that practice really does make perfect or pretty close. Also, not comparing yourself to others and what they are capable of is also crucial. I always found myself comparing what I could play on my instrument to people who were more advanced than me and I thought I was bad at what I did. However, I learned that I’m just good at different things than they were. The obvious thing I learned was how to read music and play things musically. Music (and reading it) is so much harder than people make it out to be.

What has been your favorite memory from band?

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of memories with people in band. But I always remember when I compete with my solos. At least what comes before I perform. The power outage before one of the games was a memory that really sticks out. It was really rainy and windy my freshman year and the power flickered and all the band kids were trapped inside before the game eventually ended up getting canceled. Also, the Disney Workshop we did the first time we went to Disney (my Sophomore year) was honestly really cool and I truly learned a lot!