Students Work Hard For the Future


Courtesy of the city of Logansport

This is the official city seal for the City of Logansport.

Students work hard to get their opinions out into the community and local government. The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council is one-way students are achieving this goal.

The Logansport Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council was created with the goal of assisting city leaders in creating a strategic vision for the future of the entire Logansport community.

— Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

Junior Payton Mucker says that is fun to work with Mayor Chris Martin. 

“He is a really nice dude,” Mucker said. “He is really fun to just sit and talk to. There have been multiple times when he will just talk to me. I wouldn’t say we are friends, but it is fun to work with him. It’s also nice that my opinions matter. Since I can’t vote, it’s nice to get with the Mayor and for him to get what we are saying,” Mucker said. 

The youth is very important to a community. They are the future, and their ideas must be presented to the local government. 

“The Council is definitely good at what it does,” Mucker said. “They bring us their opinions and they want to know what the youth would think. The people put in are typically those who are going to represent the youth of Logansport. We give your own opinions on what we feel like should happen or what needs to happen in the community of Logansport.”

Every Monday, the council convenes to strengthen the youth’s voice in the community. 

“Every Monday we would go upstairs and the Mayor would talk to us about ideas or future plans he had for Logansport and we would give our ideas on it,” Mucker said. “Or, sometimes other people would come in. They would talk to us, and we would say how we felt about them or change about their ideas.”