How Foreign Exchange Students Feel About the First Quarter of the School Year


Courtesy of Yalin Torres-Garcia

Senior Lacey Ogle, junior Chiara Bosisio, junior Alexia Garcia Perez, and freshman Yalin Torres-Garcia taking a picture in the locker room after there first swim meet.

Going to school in the U.S. is a big change for foreign exchange students. Just packing everything and leaving home is scary, but also something to enjoy.

Junior Mariarita Cucci is from Italy. (Courtesy of Mariarita Cucci)

“It was a little impressive. My school is small, and this school was giant,” junior Xenia Ling Ortega Romeu, from Spain, said.

On the other hand, junior Chiara Bosisio, from Italy, has a different idea about coming to school.

“This school is different from my school. It is smaller. In my city, there are schools for different things. Like an arts school, science school, etc.,” Bosisio said.

In America, sports are taken seriously. In both Spain and Italy, they are not as important. If a person wants to play a sport in Spain or Italy, they have to pay to play, and it’s not a part of the school.

“Everything is related to the school, sports, club, etc. If you don’t do sports or clubs, then you don’t have a social life,” Ortega said.

In other countries, transportation is a big thing. In big cities, buses and trains are very much used. However, in small towns like Logansport, not nearly as much.

“Transportation, it would be better if there was public transportation,” Bosisio said.

Junior foreign exchange students Chiara Bosisio, Bassma El-Zoubi, and Mariarita Cucci after eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. (Halle VanCuren)

Bosisio finds it cool to do new things and move to new places. Going to a new school, she knew learning more of a new language was going to be hard.

“It’s cool, new, and different going to school here. I gotta throw myself into the unknown,” Bosisio said.

In high school, sports and clubs are important. It helps people get to college, but that’s not what school is mostly about.

“If you don’t do clubs and sport, then you don’t have a social life. I feel that not everything should go to sports,” Ortega said.

Every school is different. Everyone’s school does things differently. Different countries do it differently.

“Here school is different. Sports aren’t related to school at all in Spain,” Ortega said.

As foreign exchange students, they want to feel welcome and feel like they are a part of the community. If a person moves to a new state, they would want to feel welcome and a part of the community.

“Here you’re berry, so you feel part of the community,” Ortega said.