The Cultures of LHS


Manh Hoih

Senior Vung San Cing showcases an outfit that represents her Burmese culture.

The Latino community is characterized by different important cultures such as the typical costumes of all the countries of the world are related to the climate, culture, and geography of the country they represent.

Senior Yesenia Lorenzo poses in an outfit from Guatemala in front of Alfa y Omega Church. (Rosalinda Marcos )

All of the costumes have a historical significance and, in most cases, they are used on holidays or special occasions. Guatemala costumes are made with colorful fabrics, embroidered with floral prints.

The skirt is usually flared and the top is low-cut.

“I love the culture of Guatemala because it has a meaning for me. I am from Guatemala and proudly because it represents me as the person I am now. Something that is very valuable to me is the colors of the flag that represents peace because it is a place where you can come and feel at home,” senior Yesenia Lorenzo said.

Mexico is one of the most alive and fascinating cultures. Also known for their strong spiritual arrangement where their collection and ritual consumption acquire singular importance.

“I like my culture because it shows who we are as humans; it also re-evaluates our ancestors and the way they celebrate it and because everything has a story behind it; it is not only colorful but unique,” junior Lynette Cruz said.

Burmese is one of the beautiful countries with its traditions and beautiful people.

Junior Lynette Cruz poses in an outfit from Mexico on Dia De Los Muertos. (Carlos Villar )

“The clothes of my culture mean a lot to me because it is the land that my ancestors have created and to celebrate it, the women of my town created beautiful garments woven with threads in my piece. Some take weeks, months, and even a year to finish a garment, and when I put on that traditional garment it reminds me of who I am, how proud I am of my culture,” senior Vung San Cing said.

Different types of contributions, special skills, and experiences make each culture stand out, like Burmese.

“We wear traditional clothing around February, September, and May because we come together to celebrate our culture. There we do dances, fashion shows and even singing competitions. It is wonderful to see family and friends during that time; you can enjoy your time with beautiful traditional clothes and see people wearing different designs, an incredible sight to see,” senior Cing said.

In addition to so many beautiful countries that are present LHS, there is the culture of Puerto Rico, representing a beautiful country.

“For me, Puerto Rican culture means the set of traditions, beliefs, and customs, including traditional music, Bomba and Plena. The people of Puerto Rico are known as Boricuas,” junior Arielys Torres said.

The culture of Puerto Rico is a mixture of various indigenous cultures: Taínos, Spanish, and African. Today it is known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico due to its ties to the United States.

“I like their clothes because I think they are a reflection of our culture. Bright colors mean to me how happy and partying Puerto Ricans are,” Torres said.

Students who wear outfits from different cultures with different designs and different strategies think that every culture has its own beautiful things.

“In conclusion, all cultures are characterized by things like mythology and physical life. This is shown throughout the clothing by different embroidery or color.” junior Cruz said.