LHS Chinese Club: A Message of Unity


Chunmei Guan

The Chinese Club groups together for a picture during their 2019 field trip to Chinatown in Chicago.

There are over 30 clubs here at LHS, and among those is the Chinese Club. First founded in 2012 by Chinese teacher Yi-Chun Lin LeFaure, it currently has over 140 members and counting.

The 2021 Chinese Club takes a group photo to commemorate their first club meeting of the year. (Chunmei Guan)

“The goal of the Chinese Club is to introduce Chinese culture to the students of LHS,” Chinese teacher Chunmei Guan said, “It not only teaches the members about everything Chinese but also promotes diversity and mutual respect.”

The Chinese Club’s vice president, junior Jaden Chin Hong, thinks that this message of respect and tolerance is one many need to hear, especially with the recent rise in Asian American hate crimes in the US.

“The club’s initiative is important given the AAPI hatred we’ve seen in America over the past few years. It’s essential that we are educated about Asian culture so we can all live peacefully,” Chin Hong said.

Chinese Club meetings take place every last Wednesday of the month. The president of the club, junior Halle VanCuren, says the Chinese Club has changed quite a bit since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Because of COVID, our meetings are a lot less frequent,” VanCuren said, “But, we’ve tried our best to continue club activities. During our last meeting, we discussed fundraisers and activities for the year. One idea was selling Chinese food with the Culinary Club, which was a big success last year.”

Chinese Club members and their homecoming nominees participate in the 2020 Homecoming Parade. (Yi-Chun Lin Lefaure)

Over the years, the club has hosted many events and trips. Field trips to the Chinese Fair in Indianapolis for competitions and the Indianapolis International Fair are just a few of the experiences that Chinese Club members have participated in.

“The students and staff have greatly enjoyed the trips we’ve taken in the past. It’s a great opportunity to further learn the Chinese language and to observe Chinese cultural practices. Currently, the Chinese Club is planning a field trip on October 9th to Chinatown in Chicago. Everyone is very excited since we haven’t been able to take field trips in the past few years,” Guan said.

The Chinatown field trip is in collaboration with the Chinese Club, Chinese classes, and the Spanish Club. All 40 available spots for the trip are filled, and the itinerary is underway.

The Chinese Club’s secretary, junior Gracie Kitchell, says a big reason why she loves the club is because of opportunities like these.

“The field trips are always so fun,” Kitchell said, “I think people should join the club so they can take advantage of opportunities like this. It’s not every day that you get to travel to Chicago with a club. It’s so much fun learning the Chinese language, learning about Chinese culture, and making unforgettable memories with your friends and teachers.”

If you’re interested in joining the Chinese club, contact LeFaure or Guan at [email protected] or [email protected].