A Different Kind of Library

When walking into the new library construction, students expect shelves upon shelves and books upon books. However, walking through the new student union, students will experience a collegiate-level workspace and cafe as well as the library for students to check out books. 

LHS is creating a new space for students to enjoy the Berry Bean Cafe and work on assignments. A stage at the back of the student union will provide opportunities for little plays, poetry readings, and performances. 

“A student union is where kids can come to sit, chill, relax or maybe play a game of cards or do something maker space, like make something,” librarian Tammy Minks said. “The idea too was having the pods so that students within the union can still find a place to go and be a little bit more private. If they want to work on a project, they have the space to do that. It’s really about relaxing, working on something, and talking with your friends quietly. It’s a student union that has a library.” 

Students will still be able to check out books and read in the union. 

“We are still going to keep the library, but not anything like the scale we had before,” Minks said. 

The student union will provide a new and fresh modern look to the library. 

“They put in that amazing laminated wood floor so that they can have a cafe outside the Berry Bean, which is going to be nice,” Minks said. “It’s really going to feel modern and updated. I think having new furniture that’s really meant to be student-friendly is going to be a lot of fun.”

Construction on the student union is finished. Minks says that the hold-up is furniture. 

“They have work to do with wiring and that kind of thing,” Minks said. “The hold-up is furniture and we’ve talked about opening up in January. We’ve talked about just taking furniture from the temporary library back into the student union, and as new furniture comes, then taking it out. Kids can come in and use the library with the old furniture so at least we can still open.”