LHS Library Recently Renewed

LHS Library Recently Renewed

LHS has faced many challenges so far. So many ups and downs with no one keeping track anymore. However, some new and exciting news had been brought to the ears of LHS. The renovation of the LHS library.

With this news comes many questions waiting to be answered for the students and staff and who better to ask than the librarian, Mrs. Minks.

Many people were questioning the amount of time this renovation would take. The library is an essential part of the school and students are eager to go back and see what’s new.

“We hope to be in the new library by the beginning of the 2021 school year,” Minks said.

With the library being where Minks teaches her classes, it has brought new challenges for her, such as changing rooms completely. On top of that, being a dual credit teacher as well has its difficulties.

“I am still teaching two dual credit classes and acting as liaison between LHS and IUK for the dual credit Education Professions class. I love teaching and feel fortunate to wear both the teacher and librarian hats, but I will say that having a dual role is challenging. I have not mastered it yet.” Minks said.

COVID has also brought its challenges for the library renovation. With so many things to transport and not being able to have large groups help at one time is an issue.

“Of course, the pandemic has added massive hurdles. I was quarantined for almost the entire month of November when I was right in the middle of moving to the temporary library in G122. It has been a frustrating few weeks, but I am working in the temporary library again, trying to get books back on the shelves. I am very thankful for the patience of both staff and students as I find a way to keep the library running smoothly,” Minks said.

With new things comes new excitement for students and staff. Of course it also brings excitement and hopes for Minks as well.

“I am most excited about how the renovation can build excitement around literacy. A new facility brings opportunities to build a community of readers, writers, and thinkers. Learning can be hard work, but it should also be fun and engaging. The new library certainly gives us a space for all kinds of learning and experimenting,” Minks said.

Despite the big change, there’s new and exciting things coming. The new library will be an even better resource for students and staff in the next year.