Something Silly: Embarrassing Moments

Something Silly: Embarrassing Moments

With school taking so much of people’s time nowadays, it’s no doubt that many memories have been made throughout the years by students and staff at LHS. Some being good and others not so good, but some of the most interesting being the embarrassing ones. It’s a delight to hear those beloved stories that were most likely suppressed but always come to haunt us at the worst times.

So, here are some of the responses from staff and students, and they’re printed exactly as they were received.

“One time I dropped everything I had in hands and papers flew out everywhere on the sky bridge, and people walked over me and stared.” – Eric Samano, senior

“I was in the stall and the girl next to me was asking if someone had a spare tampon. I had one and it was my last one, but I felt she needed it more than me. So I offered it to her just to get it chucked back at me.” – anonymous, senior

“My air pods weren’t connected to my phone. I was on TikTok during class and the first video that came up was some guy that was yelling profanities at the top of his lungs. It wasn’t easy to hide due to the fact that everyone in that class is completely silent and no conversations are ever occurring.” – Eliseo Madrigal, junior

“Every year at Thompson Elementary (Walton) the school placed an artificial Christmas tree in the hallway directly in front of the office. Beneath were canned goods collected during the month of December to help those less fortunate. In December 1980, my 3rd grade year with Mrs. Boe, I had an unfortunate run in with the Christmas tree. Our class was coming back in from recess. We had to cross the office to get to our room. Bryant Pitner was right in front of me. Like all elementary students, the office was considered to be taboo, a place only those in trouble ever dared enter. Well, Bryant looked at me and said “I’m going to go into the office.” For an eight-year-old it was nearly scandalous. My eyes were fixed on Bryant as he strolled into the office, leisurely walking as if he didn’t have a care in the world. As he walked I walked. Of course, only one of us was looking where we were going. Within seconds I had crashed into the school Christmas tree. Cans of food rolled across the floor. Honestly, it’s the best form tackle I have ever made. To my dismay, however, a number of ornaments lay broken and strewn across the floor. A majority of them were from Mrs. Olson’s 4th grade class. The next day Mrs. Boe made me go to her room, all by myself, to apologize. After a quick pass down the hall I told Mrs. Boe I couldn’t find it. She sternly made me go back. I was frightened. Those kids were so much older and bigger than me. I know, logic doesn’t work well in an eight-year-old’s mind. So, the two most embarrassing things to happen to me in school happened on back to back days.” – Mr. Looker

“Years ago, I laughed and farted at the same time. It was loud. I couldn’t even blame it on a student. After that, I quit eating ham and beans during the school year.” – Mrs. Myers

“Well, in 2017, it was the second week of school, and a student had tossed an extension cord in the middle of the floor after first period. I had no second period students. Third period started, I was walking across the front of the room, and I stepped on the end of it. I twisted my ankle, hit my arm on a table, and fell on the floor. Due to previous knee surgeries, I had an awful time getting up. My students were holding their breath I think. I told them they could laugh, but they did not. The following week my doctor told me on Monday that it was a miracle I did not break my arm, considering the rectangular bruise from the table. Two days later, I was wearing sandals. The same extension cord got caught between my toes and my sandal. I fell again. It was the very same class period! I had never fallen at school before, and haven’t since. I was so embarrassed. That second fall did result in surgery on my arm, including a plate and seven screws being inserted. That is why I do not allow extension cords across my floors.” – Mrs. Harmon

“I do have a tiny snip of wisdom I received from a professor in college while I was learning to become a teacher. One day, as he finished his lecture and grabbed an eraser to clear the chalkboard of our day’s lesson, he suddenly stopped and looked at us with a sly, goofy grin. “Never erase the board side to side,” he said simply. “Always up-and-down. You’ll figure out why.” I didn’t think too much about it then, but every so often that strange imperative would pop itself back into my mind. I never really understood what he meant by the words until I was a teacher for the first time in 2015. Much in the same manner he had done on that day years before, I finished my lesson, grabbed the eraser, and started wiping the chalk away, side-to-side. There were some giggles from behind me, and I realized a couple girls were snickering at me. Ignoring them (a vital skill in a teacher’s toolkit) and continuing to erase, I was struck by the implication of his words. You see, when you erase the board from side to side, the motion moves through your body and makes your butt wiggle back and forth in tandem. So from then on, when the chalk’s got to go, it’s up-and-down for me.” – Mr. Hendrick