A Colorful Break from the Mind


Jayden Rivers

A variety of tapestries and junior Alyssa Adams’s artwork hang on her bedroom walls.

From monster cans hanging on the wall to witch hats hanging from the lights to colorful popping mushrooms and painted handprints, junior Alyssa Adam’s unique decorating style is an eye-catcher as soon as somebody steps into the room.

All of the different styles around the room express Alyssa’s emotions and creativity in ways that she cannot. It is said in an old wives tale that your room is a reflection of your mind.

“I have a very bland clothing style. I’m always wearing darker colors,” Alyssa said. “So, I chose to express that other side of me through the art on my walls.”

Being in her room makes her feel like herself, after customizing almost every inch of every wall, she’s created a safe space from all negativity.

“My room means a lot to me honestly. I’ve spent so much time and effort decorating and painting my walls,” Alyssa said. “It is like personal therapy.”

Everybody has their way of doing things or styling things. Alyssa makes sure hers stands out. She turns trash into treasure, reuses sentimental items, and always finds a way to make use of something. She also tends to add a pop of color to almost anything.

“My style is very different. Some people prefer the plain walls,” Alyssa said. “Personally, I love a room that can keep the eye busy.”
Not only are the walls exploding with color, but she also finds a way to decorate using monster cans and empty bottles. She customizes the bottles and makes little room decor.

“I have no solid reason for the cans. I just drink a lot of monsters and save them because they look cool. ” Alyssa said, “But, every time we go on vacation I ask my mom if I can keep the bottle she drank for decoration. I like putting lights in them and making something creative out of it. Plus, it’s a reminder of all the good memories.”