LCSC Building New Intermediate School


Gretchen Prifogle

Construction of the new intermediate school is ongoing.

Logansport, Indiana is getting a long-overdue new intermediate school. It will be called Logansport Intermediate School and will be located off Chase Road, near the Cross-Wind United Methodist Church.

The new building will be a school for over 600 children.

“The new building will be holding 5th and 6th graders along with 8 preschool classes,’’ LCSC Superintendent Michele Starkey said. This idea was formed back in 2013 when the parents of the corporation agreed that there should be a new middle school. Starkey responded by taking the first step in this process, moving all 6th graders to Columbia Sixth Grade Academy (formally known as Columbia Middle School).

‘’We couldn’t fit all the 5th and 6th graders at Columbia, so we decided to keep the 5th graders at their respective elementary schools and move all 6th graders into the Academy to temporarily prepare them for the rest of middle school,’’ Starkey said.

Fifth and 6th graders were specifically chosen due to their maturity levels, giving them two years to change from less mature elementary students to more mature middle schoolers.

The day-to-day schedule is the same as the current Columbia Sixth Grade Academy schedule. Additional transfer buses will be set up so that buses can still come and go from schools.