International Travel Changes Lives


Courtesy of Atticus Picardo

Students prepare for a week long trip in a new country, Spain. Accompanied by Angela Harmon and Phyllis Handschu, Juniors Camila Flores, Juan Jose-Miguel, and Seniors Atticus Picardo and Rosalinda Miguel Felipe.

School systems worldwide sponsor trips through EF’s educational tours. Through this program, students are able to see different countries, including France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Logansport has given this opportunity to many students throughout the years and has gotten good results across the board.

Abadia de Montserrat is a building in Barcelona Spain that the group visited on July 17, 2022. (Courtesy of Atticus Picardo)

“I like to see how the kids change and how these experiences affect them,” Travel Club sponsor Angela Harmon said. “I saw a huge change in kids this last summer. They’ve read about it in books, but now they get to walk in the place, touching and seeing. I think that’s really exciting.”

Educational benefits are a big reason some parents choose to send their children on an international trip. Students use these opportunities to connect with other cultures as well as their own. Senior Atticus Picardo went on the last trip to Spain and felt closer to his own culture.

“Before I was born, my parents immigrated from Argentina,” Picardo said. “Living here, I didn’t get to really experience the full extent of my culture. After going to Spain, I really felt more in touch with my family and past, especially since Spanish was the primary language there.”

Many people who go on these trips come back with lifelong memories. Junior Camila Flores feels that trips to other countries are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that she chooses to cherish.

“My favorite memory from Spain was an early morning on the beach,” Flores said. “We didn’t have any of the other schools with us. We were able to just be together, and it was nice outside. It was a really good moment to just take everything in.”

Students spent the morning on the beach with their advisor, Angela Harmon. (Courtesy of Atticus Picardo)

Picardo’s favorite memory was simply spending time with the people he came with. The students are able to bond and become very close through experiences like these.

“The moment I like the most from the trip was the last day,” Picardo said. “We didn’t have anything planned, so we chose to end our trip by going outside with everyone and walking the street outside our hotel. We got ice cream and had the chance to buy a few last-minute things. It was just a little thing, but it was a lot of fun.”

Junior Juan Jose-Miguel feels like he has gained a lot from going on the last trip to Spain. Jose-Miguel feels like he had the opportunity to make memories and learn a lot over his time there.

“In Spain, everything was so educational,” Jose-Miguel said. “Everywhere you’re stepping, it’s history. This and that, everything has a story. We learned a lot about everything there.”