Meet Mr. Obi


Jasmine Zimmerman

Mr. Obi shocks his students when he presents his ability to juggle a number of items.

Obadiah Jones, otherwise known as Mr. Obi, is a college student at the Indiana University of Kokomo and is a part of the Teacher Education Program. Jones is in his last semester of college and has been able to observe many classes throughout his time in this program. 

During this last semester, Jones has had the opportunity to be a student teacher for art teacher Nicole Ingalls. He began his student teaching in January when Logansport High School returned from Christmas Break and will be teaching until Apr. 29. During this time, Jones has learned many new techniques not only when it comes to teaching, but also art. 

Mr. Obi is fabulous,” Ingalls said. “His personality blends very well in an art room. The students look forward to his whiteboard drawings, daily jokes, and random moments of juggling. He is not afraid to fail and learn with the students, which is always a plus.”

Every day Mr. Obi draws something new on the front whiteboard, students can never guess what he will choose to draw next. (Jasmine Zimmerman)

When it came to his time as a high school student, Jones took every art class Pioneer Jr./Sr. High School had to offer. He was known to be found in the art room rather than anywhere else. This is where his dream to become an art teacher flourished. 

Once I took all of the art classes at my school, I would go to the art room just to kill time during school,” Jones said. “Then, one day, my teacher told me to teach a lesson to the class, and I did. I really enjoyed doing that, and ever since I have been on the path to teaching art.”

Jones’s goal is to be the best teacher he can be, a teacher who is not only liked by students but also a teacher students can trust. Being a student teacher at LHS has given Jones a preview of what’s to come. 

“Mr. Obi is kind-hearted and motivates me daily to improve in school,” junior Itzel Gonzalez said. “He makes the class laugh with his positive attitude and upbeat personality. I always look forward to going to his class. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

His students are not the only ones to notice a difference in the atmosphere in the art room. 

“The classes feel even more collaborative,” Ingalls said. “The students have the opportunity to learn new techniques and receive feedback from a different perspective. Obi has changed throughout his time teaching me. He is learning to integrate more of his goofy personality, allowing him to connect more with the students.” 

Although his time at LHS is coming to an end, Jones has enjoyed his time here. He has been able to improve himself personally while helping students improve their artistic abilities. 

“Honestly, my favorite part of student teaching has been the students,” Jones said. “Every person I have encountered here is very kind, and the students can be hilarious to talk to. I am honestly going to miss everyone here at Logansport High School.”