Q&A With Alumni Jesus Vicente Martin

What achievement are you most proud of?

Earning the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal. It’s the highest award I have earned as an individual, working hard and being recognized for your efforts.

What is something you would like your past self to know?

Take all the negative sides of life and turn them positive. Always appreciate the little things in life. Enjoy every moment in life, and always take pictures. They last longer than your thoughts and memories.

What made you go to the Marines after finishing high school?

It was the last choice I personally had. I had the opportunity to go and play Division 1 soccer at Western Michigan University. My scholarship wasn’t enough to cover all four years. I also didn’t want to have my parents pay $34,000 a year. So, I decided to go look at the military. My decision came from Coach Turner. He always mentioned the times he was in the Army. I looked at every branch and came up with the decision of joining the best branch out there, the United States Marine Corps.

What was training for the marines like?

Physically it wasn’t hard due to me doing three sports all 4 years of high school. It was mostly the mental part of it. Missing home and not knowing what is going on outside of base.

What is something that the Marines have taught you that you will carry in life?

Be a better leader and the best possible role model for everyone that looks up to me.