Q&A: Ella Weather’s Explores Her Artistic Side


Chris Pearcy

Sophomore Ella Weathers draws a smiley face on the whiteboard.

What do you like about art?

I like being able to be creative. I used to like painting a lot, but I don’t really paint as much anymore. I do like taking pictures a lot. I took photography last semester. 

How did you learn to knit? 

I was in Girl Scouts when I was little, so I learned it from there. I’d say that at first, starting is the hardest part, but I don’t really knit that often anymore. I mostly did it when I was younger. 

What are some things you have knitted before?

I made a little teddy bear for my little cousin, and she really liked it. That took a whole week because I didn’t work on it that often. I’m still working on this one thing I was knitting for my sister. It was supposed to be another teddy bear that she wanted. 

What theater were you in?

I did theater when I was in middle school. I joined because my friends did. I really liked theater when I was in it, especially because so many of my friends were in it and getting to perform with them made it fun. I probably would start theater again because it was only something I did for one or two years. 

What motivates you to do art? 

I think the fact that other people like the things I make for them and that I can give stuff to my friends motivates me.