Q&A With Alexis Ling About Saturday Nights Main Event


Jakson Combs

Superstar Cody Rhodes embraces the crowd during his entrance.

Senior Alexis Ling attends Saturday Nights Main Event, “Dark Match.” This is exclusive to the audience that attends and does not air on live television. The characters show more interaction with the crowd than what is normally shown.

What made you want to go to WWE?

I’ve always been a fan of WWE since I was little but I knew I could never afford the tickets. However, my boyfriend’s mom surprised me, my boyfriend, and his siblings with tickets so, of course, I said I was going. 

How far was the trip?

The trip was in Fort Wayne and only took us about an hour to get there.

Brawling Brutes Member Shemus flexes his muscles at the cheering crowd before he faces opponent Karrion Kross. (Jakson Combs)

Was the trip worth it?

It was very worth it. I had an amazing time and got to see some pretty awesome wrestlers. We all came home ranting about how much fun we had so I’d say money well spent.

If given another opportunity would you go again?

Yes, in a heartbeat. I will definitely be saving up for another show.

Were there any things that surprised you about the show? 

I was kind of surprised when wrestler Kevin Owens actually hurt his ankle. Wrestlers always want to put on a good show and part of that is faking a lot of the injuries or exaggerating but it was real and I wasn’t expecting that. 

Who was your favorite wrestler?

My favorite wrestler was Sheamus because I grew up watching him. He was my favorite wrestler back then so to see him in person was really amazing

What was your favorite moment?

My favorite moments were when Shaemus was wrestling and when Rey Mysterio was wrestling. He did his signature move (the 619) on two different people.