Hidden Stories in a Student’s Car


Charles Zimmerman

Junior Charles Zimmerman’s car sitting on the road with the “ECTO 1” “Ghostbusters” license plate visible.

On a hot day in May, the sunroof is completely open. Every window is down, and gusts of wind rush through the car from every direction. A bag of potato chips sits in the backseat, free for anyone to eat. Junior Charles Zimmerman’s car is a 2011 Chevy Impala.

“This car is falling apart,” Zimmerman said. “We’ve had it for more than I’ve been alive. The last car we had got totaled by a deer because my dad hit it in the middle of the night. Then, we got this car because my parents didn’t wear seatbelts ever, and this car doesn’t beep a lot if you don’t have a seatbelt on.”

The car is home to many small piles of trash. Some of which are free to take for any passenger in the backseat. 

The front seat of the car is the cleanest area. A spare shirt is sits in the passenger seat. (Charles Zimmerman)

“We were doing some recording for Mr. Looker’s group project, and I got some chips because I thought I’d be hungry, and I never ate them,” Zimmerman said.

While it may not seem valuable, digging through the glovebox could even allow a person to find small treasures.

“So, the glovebox, we don’t know what happened to it,” Zimmerman said. “If you open it, it just falls. It’s a collection of everything that’s been in this car. These are my mom’s work keys from the mental hospital that she never gave back.”

If a person takes a ride in this car, he or she might find the cleanliness of the entire vehicle questionable.

“We had Little Caesars with some sauce, like Crazy Sauce with Italian cheese bread,” Zimmerman said. “As I start to go off, the sauce just flies and it went everywhere. We had to go back into the store and get like 50 napkins and clean it all up.”

Still, despite the chaos, Zimmerman’s car hasn’t yet crashed or been broken into. The trash in the backseat and the baseball bat in the front deter burglars. 

“It’s my self-defense baseball bat,” Zimmerman said. “It’s a Louisville Slugger. I got it from my dad.”