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Payton Mucker

Payton Mucker, Business Manager

Payton Mucker is a senior at LHS heading into the third year of his time shared with Magpie. He currently serves as the Business Manager but has previously had roles such as Podcast or Social Media manager. Payton will be attending Ball State University in the fall of 2024 to study journalism. While not busy on staff, you can find Payton performing on the stage or spending time with the people he loves most. He can’t wait to see what this year holds and is ready to wrap up his time and proudly be an LHS alumnus.

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Identify the risks in vaping and how it can change your life. Several high schools, such as LHS, have been hit hard with the aftermath of vaping.

Infographic: Vaping Risks to Consider

Payton Mucker, Business Manager
December 22, 2023
Students begin to add the final touches to their projects in Dave Packards Intro to Radio and TV class. Packard has seen waves of generations enter through his classroom, and sees what each year brings to offer.

On Air From Logansport High School

Payton Mucker, Business Manager
December 5, 2023
For many years, there has been a theme of voices being silenced. Especially those who identify as transgender or through their sexuality. These voices are now trying to be heard.

HB 1608: Student and Staff Concerns

Payton Mucker, Social Media Editor
April 5, 2023
Releasing just over a year ago, Everything Everywhere All At Once quickly took many by storm. The film quickly went up in the box office and many considered this movie Oscar worthy. This year proved them right.

And the Winner Is…

Payton Mucker, Social Media Editor
March 17, 2023
At Dykeman Park Golf Course senior Brady Bair looks vigilantly into the distance to see where his golf ball landed. The boys golf team contains only a handful of students. One of Bair’s goals for the team is to go to regionals. Even though there are not many students involved with golf, Bair is willing to put in as much effort as needed to advance the team to their next goal. “Golf has taught me a lot over these past three years, but two things I can take away from golfing in high school are to be patient and disciplined,” Bair said.

Q&A With Spring Sport Athletes

Lily Newell, Photographer
March 20, 2023

Berry Interviews Christmas Special

Payton Mucker, Podcast Editor
December 19, 2022
Holding a soccer ball in swing choir, sophomore Lewis Garcia is one of the many students who have enjoyed the World Cup the last few weeks. Students have been watching games on their phones in class and while walking around the hallways.

Qatar Welcomes the World Cup

Ared Ruiz, Reporter
December 16, 2022

Photos: Recreating Childhood Memories

Payton Mucker, Social Media Editor
March 16, 2022
In the Magpie room, the center of the room is where all the editors sit and work on their articles and photographs. Along with the editors, advisor Chris Pearcy would sit in the middle to supervise the articles.

What Goes Into Magpie

Payton Mucker, Podcast Editor
March 2, 2022
The outside of Black Dog Coffee and Legacy Outfitters. Customers can purchase locally made crafts, furniture, art, and other times at Legacy Outfitters.

Photos: Local Logansport Businesses

Payton Mucker, Podcast Editor
February 16, 2022
Even though it may be old, the Muckermobile has served junior Payton Mucker well. The Muckermobile is a 1997 Buick LeSabre Limited, and according to Mucker, it drives very smoothly.

Current Drives and Dream Rides

Vasan Nomany, Captions Editor
October 20, 2022

A Week in the Life S1E2

Atticus Picardo, Photographer
October 11, 2022

Student Articles S1E2

Carissa Dawson, Assistant Podcast Editor
November 30, 2022
Sophomore Colby Anderson uses his Instagram account to see what friends are doing during a passing period.

Selective Socials

Chandler Achey, Sports Section Editor
November 9, 2021
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