What’s LHS Listening To?

Students listen to a variety of genres of music here at LHS. This can range from soft country to abrasive hip-hop and rap.

Jasmine Zimmerman

Students listen to a variety of genres of music here at LHS. This can range from soft country to abrasive hip-hop and rap.

Review of: Aint **** by Doja Cat

“This song is always on repeat,” junior Salvador Moreno said. “I basically have all the words memorized at this point,” junior Jorge Quintanar-Gonzalez said. (Jasmine Zimmerman)

Listened to by Jorge Quintanar-Gonzalez and Salvador Moreno

I’ve listened to this song plenty of times before, and I understand why it is widely loved by many, including Quintanar-Gonzalez and Moreno. This song used to be trending on TikTok, and I remember it well. It is actually on one of my playlists. This song is definitely not one I would play around my parents, but along with many other students here at LHS, I enjoy it.


Review of: Who Cares by Rex Orange County

Listened to by Liam Gay

I really like this song, it is actually on my everyday playlist. The song is kind of short and repetitive but in my opinion, the beat and main theme of the song make up for it. While listening to this, I realized I haven’t listened to all of the songs on this album and it led me to enjoy the rest of it. My rating is definitely influenced by the rest of the album.


Review of: Wait a Minute by Willow Smith

Listened to by Alexander Sprinkle

Along with one of the previous songs, this song was also trending on TikTok a while back, so I recognized it right off the bat. It is very upbeat and is very catchy. This song was stuck in my head hours after listening to it. It is so catchy it is almost annoying when I cannot get it out of my head, but overall it is a pretty average song.


Review of: Stir Fry by Migos

“I absolutely love Morgan Wallen, all of his songs are so good,” sophomore Lydia Goad said. (Jasmine Zimmerman)

Listened to by Xondra Bell

This song is very catchy, but I don’t think you would ever catch me listening to it personally. It’s definitely not my vibe, but it is a decent song. It was released in 2018, so it is kind of old compared to other music Migos has released.


Review of: More Than My Home Town by Morgan Wallen

Listened to by Lydia Goad

Country music really isn’t my favorite genre of music. No hate to those who enjoy it, but I like the theme of the song and the words flow really well. If I was handed Aux, I definitely wouldn’t play this song, but if I was forced to listen to it I guess I would.


Review of: Telepatía by Kali Uchis

Listened to by Omar Ruiz

I do not speak Spanish, so this review is kind of hard. I like the sound of the song, but the translation is kind of rough. What I got from the translation, I liked, but my rating has to be low because it’s definitely not the same in English.