Starting Off the Year with Student Council


Gretchen Prifogle

Gracie Kitchell was voted as president of student council, and Kendall Sweet was voted as vice president of student council. They will be in charge of running the meetings, taking votes, and planning events such as the annual blood drive and the semi formal dance.

During August 19th’s student council meeting. They spent the time deciding amongst themselves who in the class should be elected for various positions. First, the king and queen for homecoming were decided. this year’s queen is Alexsa Herrold and the king is Jacob Patty. 

“I was really surprised didn’t really have any plans of running for a candidacy position.” Homecoming King Jacob Patty said,” It made my work schedules different because I had to account for the parade and the homecoming dance.”

Miss Plutat and Mrs. Myers are the teachers that are running student council. This is their first year running the club. Their job is to make sure everything the student council plans is okay, and they communicate with the office to get events on the calendar. (Gretchen Prifogle)

When it comes to a homecoming dance, the student council decided that that was something they definitely wanted to do, especially considering there hasn’t been one in several years due to COVID. 

“We are super excited about homecoming, and just currently getting everything ready for the week so that the students have the most fun. We are hoping to have a dance, so that will be fun.” Student council advisor Erica Plutat said.

The next thing the student council decided on was officer positions. The President of the student council is Gracie Kitchell, the Vice President is Kendall Sweet, the secretary is Tristan Kitchell, and, the treasurer is Jacob Patty. These votes were held and operated by the administrators of the student council Mrs. Plutat and Mrs. Myers.

“Honestly, I did it because there was a lot of plans from the council this year and I wanted to make my senior year more fun for me and my friends,” Student Council Vice President Kendall Sweet said,” It has also been something that I have wanted to do science my freshman year because it has always kind of been my main club.”