Freshman Expectations Versus Experiences


Payton Mucker

Freshmen work in English teacher Julien Gaumer’s class. Gaumer teaches English 9 and English 9 Honors.

When the school year started, a new group of freshmen started high school. Starting at a new school is always hard for a lot of students when it comes to navigation, physically and socially.

Some of these students, like freshman Lian Kim, were expecting basic things about high school that came with the next step in education.

I thought that high school would be fun, accepting, and inviting, but I also expected it to be hard, deceiving, and a bit problematic,” Kim said.

Freshman Allison Miranda-Castro was mainly excited about the new possibilities and freedoms that are available now.

To an eighth-grader becoming a freshman, the idea of vending machines around the school sounded amazing,” Miranda said.

At Logansport Junior High class schedules included Impact everyday, while the high school only has Impact on Fridays. Freshman Nathalia Hernandez is open to the change.

“I used to use that time to work on my homework, but I like how there is more time in each class Monday-Thursday, now, which can allow me to ask the teachers questions about an assignment instead of guessing during impact,” said Hernandez.

When Hernandez first started at LHS, she was expecting it to be a lot more difficult than it actually ended up being. 

Unlike other students, though, Hernandez found herself adapting to the new sights and larger area to navigate pretty quickly.

“I was so lost during the first week that I probably went through the same hall 10 times before I got to class. Now, I have a good idea of where everything is and how to get there,” said Hernandez. 

After memorizing schedules and how to get to each classroom, some freshmen are surprised by the teachers at LHS. Freshman Kaylynn Fillmore is surprised by how each teacher differs from one another.

“Some teachers are really strict and some teachers let students just walk all over them,” said Fillmore, “A lot of the teachers are just teachers, but there are some that have too many rules or not enough.”

Whether or not high school is as was expected by the class of 2026, LHS has welcomed them all.