Movie Exitement After Covid



The movie poster for “Venom Let There Be Carnage.”

With the discovery of COVID getting worse and cases rising, theaters had to close down due to safety concerns until recently when the rules of safety could be laid back more.

The movie poster for “Halloween Kills.” (IMBd)

There are many movies coming out soon. With there being many different genres such as action, horror, thriller, and many more to enjoy. Some of these movies are newer and some are continuing their iconic series.

“I always love going to the movies with family and friends,” freshman Aiden Snoeberger said.

Many of these movies have been creating lots of excitement in people due to their original dates being postponed. Such as “Venom Let There Be Carnage,” “Halloween Kills,” and “The Matrix 4”, all being some very well-known movies with great characters and storylines. The trailers for these movies have been made with many different details to hook their audience.

“I feel the need to know will happen next,” freshman Max Kitchell said.

These continuations, such as “Halloween Kills”, bring back some already very well-known characters like Michael Myers but still bring new information to the storyline.

The movie poster for “The Matrix Resurrections.” (IMBd)

“I think the movie will be great because the trailer brings new characters to the table, and they will play a crucial part in the development of not only the story, but the characters themselves,” Kitchell said.

Another one of these movies is “Venom Let There Be Carnage.” Using a well-known Marvel character who has had quite a few changes throughout his years; he started appearing in 1988 comics with one very known hero, Spider-Man, which helped introduce the character to the Marvel Universe. The character has changed in how he acts as in he is much funnier and has more emotion compared to how he used to be and even how producers have made him look. Venom started out as an alienated blob parasite who eventually lands on earth and starts his transformation into a more human like monster. There are many different storylines he’s had that go in different directions, but the main one is that he lands on earth and eventually becomes one with Eddie Brock, who he eventually becomes fond of and works with. In recent years though, the movies have been distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

“The first Venom was one of my favorites, and the second one looks even better. I definitely think the movie is going to be good because of the trailer; it looks really action-packed and exciting,” Snoeberger said.

Recently in the public, Lana Wachowski, the previous director of “The Matrix” was returning for the making of “The Matrix: Resurrections” to help bring the very well-known story back to life.

“‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ is at the top of my must-see list. I absolutely love how the entire movie is based off of ‘Simulation and Simulacra’ by Jean Baudelaire,” art teacher Jeremy Stroud said, “Neo even hides his floppy disks in the book.”

All these trailers and movies have great stories and give many different effects such as bringing back old stories or continuing ongoing stories. Even adding on too many other movies and their storylines.

“Of course, it is reinvigorating my nostalgia, but the story is what brings me back,” Stroud said.