Saving Lives With the Blood Drive


Jakson Combs

The Blood Drive will take place on Nov. 29 in the aux gym.

On Nov 29, the American Red Cross will be at the school for the Student Council’s blood drive. The event is happening from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“I think blood drives are so needed, and that is a big reason why LHS does one every year,” math teacher Erica Plutat said. “It feels great to be a part of something so much bigger than all of us and help others in need.”

The American Red Cross is a well-known non-profit organization that goes to areas that are in need of help, whether this is a basic blood drive or even large weather disasters such as a hurricane.

“I want to donate because doing something so easy and basic can change a life and make you feel good about yourself,” junior Samuel Fultz said.  “It’s all about that self-love and loving others.” 

Blood drives are helpful to the world because they help to deliver blood to people who need it. Blood is one of the most essential things for life on this earth, and without it, humans and animals would be unable to live.

An event like the school blood drive takes time to set up and organize, so finding a great person to take care of these statistics is important. Jacob Patty decided to be that person when the Student Council leaders were looking for someone to become the director.

“This blood drive and all of the planning for it is done during the school day, and because of my two senior flex periods, I knew I would have time to help and plan for it without my out-of-school activities getting in the way,” Patty said.

Having people that are willing to donate is possibly the most important factor in blood drives. 

“Giving blood is also very important, especially since we are in a national shortage of blood at the moment. So, trying to help the many people in need motivates me,” Patty said.

To sign up to donate at the school’s blood drive, go to and find the school’s event. The need for blood is a constant thing.