Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast

Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast

In 2013, I was a typical 10-year-old kid. I was gaming it up on my DSI, while lounging in my brand new bean bag chair. I would jump on my trampoline, make grass soup, and play outside with my little brother.

Times have sadly changed. 10-year-olds these days are too busy with their nose in a phone screen. Although we young adults are guilty of this, too, we all have been majorly influenced in the past decade.

Social media is a toxic place in today’s society. Apps such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are the top social media platforms used today. To use some of these platforms you have to be at least 13.

Kids lie about their age just so they can use the platform. But why? My only guess is to keep up with the Joneses. They want to be up with the latest trends, fads, and news. However, these are typically very toxic especially to the younger mind.

Now, why do I bring up social media? This is because it has had such an uprising in the past decade that the younger folks are used to it. They were raised with the apps if you will. Kids are easily influenced, and social media is an easy gateway for this behavior.

Kids want to be like everyone else, and they seem to crave the attention from others, especially strangers. TikTok is a great example of this.

Now of course the way I was raised could be completely different to others, and that is understandable. My standpoint on the social media issue is that kids need to be kids and not worry about likes and followers.

According to half of all Americans and 72% of the public uses a social media platform, this includes both kids and adults.

Other factors can also contribute, such as the way you were raised. I know personally a lot of cases where the parents work the night shift at work or just don’t care whatsoever about what their kid does.

Some parents don’t care or watch what their kids do. Therefore creating an outlet for them to run wild and do anything they desire. According to, tweens are becoming more sexually active, and are starting to experiment more with drugs and alcohol.

I am all for letting you let your kids do fun stuff, have friends, and let them be kids. But, to me, there is a point where you have to put your foot down. I am not a parent, but this is what I would do.

Parents and social media are two things that are where all the issues start. Social media is a toxic area, meant for adults. And, I have been included in this; however, I have since deleted some social media due to the fact it’s a very toxic outlet for certain people.

Parents can be an enabler for their kids to go “wild” and not care about what their kids want to do.

Why can’t kids go back to making grass soup and mud pies and worrying about dinner rather than have their nose in the screen worrying about likes, followers, and fame? I am not quite sure, but it is a sad thing to witness.

Kids should be kids.